6 principles of effective communication

Understanding who you are and what your natural tendencies are is the first step to being an effective and genuine communicator. To accomplish this, we must first be friendly toward ourselves. Realize that everyone you meet is a reflection of yourself. World class CEOs are masters at this. Its vision is to reduce costs and improve customer and employee retention, a tricky task because improving customer and employee retention can often require hard cost investments. Repeat. If we’re all self-interested, how can you be curious about others? Effective communication is an important element of any high-performance team or healthy relationship. Do you tend to overreact, or do you tend to stay calm and collected? If it takes a long time to develop the change vision, it will also take a long time to communicate it until it sinks in. In fact, addressing the needs of others in a timely way is the most effective (though not necessarily the easiest) way to get a desired outcome and be an effective communicator. Then your relationships transform. Behaviors, especially of those at the top, must embody the new vision on and off the battlefield. 1. As important as it is to understand yourself, it is also important to understand your audience and their natural tendencies, motivations, goals, challenges, and opportunities. Maybe even everyone. Another part of understanding yourself is to be clear about your values and goals, both in general and in the context of each interaction. Learning to distill complex topics into something digestible is critical, because that can often make the difference between getting what you want and not. We tend to look at what’s wrong with people, ideas, and situations. To corelate with the examples is fascinating. I have seen this go sideways when a leadership team invests many hours in developing a great vision that will align with a solid plan of attack, but then they assume they can communicate this vision in five or 10 minutes at the company meeting. How much time does your audience have? Over-communicating a poor or misaligned vision through many channels would be detrimental. Appreciation requires that we cultivate gratitude instead of criticism. Hardwork is needed for such type of explanations. When you are clear on why you’re communicating, your genuine self will shine through and add credibility and vigor to your communication. Authenticity starts with a leadership team having a good track record and a culture based on trust and accountability. Effective communication doesn’t happen overnight, it is a skill that has to be cultivated and nurtured. It can make a measurable increase in your overall level of happiness. Reducing costs can't just involve layoffs and cutting resources--that can quickly lead to an increase in customer turnover, not a reduction. Are you interacting with a competitor, collaborator, or a superior? How’s it going? None of these principles are mind blowing or radically new. Discussing a person’s vision shows you’re interested in them. Communication must be encouraged, top down and bottom up. As previously mentioned, feedback should be gathered while developing the new change vision. Effective Army writing. As a legal counsel, author, and speaker, I make my living as a professional communicator. Keep it simple, and plan to over communicate. This article was written for Business 2 Community by Scott Jeffrey.Learn more about writing for B2C, Scott Jeffrey is an author, business coach, the founder of CEOSage, a strategic coaching firm for entrepreneurs. For more information, contact: If you want to communicate effectively, talk about what’s in it for the recipient. For example, ask people what’s most important to them? A skilled communicator, however, seeks out the bright spots in a person’s behaviors and abilities. By bringing these improvements to a person’s awareness, you elevate them and help them build positive momentum. It’s critical that people you communicate with feel heard and understood. Senior leaders, managers and members of the transformation task force should find three or four opportunities a day during conversations and meetings to weave stories and examples of how the vision is being—and can be—implemented. A powerful vision followed by immediate action, behaviors consistent with the new vision, and follow-through are a great way to rebuild trust.

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