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An externally mounted aerial can be attached to many types of DAB portable radio and hi-fi systems. A filter is used to stop unwanted signals from reaching your equipment and allow the wanted signal to pass through. However the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) is a recognised trade body which will be able to put you in touch with one of their members in your area. We have a basic installation guide to help you with this. It is rare for a windfarm to cause interference to your reception. 5 Live sports extra is a secondary service of Radio 5 Live, and not always available on air. If you have a problem first check whether it is with your own equipment or the local transmitter. This often sounds like birds tweeting and happens if there is another frequency being transmitted near the one you are listening to. This is because the power used is lower, and is forced to work outside of its normal operating parameters, resulting in electrical impulse interference. Even in good areas an external aerial will guarantee optimum performance and will also ensure consistent listening quality. If you rule out basic reception problems and believe there is a nearby source of interference you can contact us either by phone or via the form at the end of the Problem Assistant tool. The problem is that we've just bought my grandparents a DAB/FM radio for christmas. A wideband aerial is a popular choice, although there are other aerials available. Switching off the heating system while you are experiencing the problem will help to identify it. If not, take the radio outside and see if it is worse as there may be a faulty piece of electrical equipment nearby, e.g. Switch lights on and off one at a time, Passing traffic - A distinct buzzing 'whine' which varies with engine speed. ... the main problem is bandwidth. This may mean an electrical item in your home, or nearby, is interfering with your MW/LW radio. It can normally be heard as you tune across the AM bands. An indoor aerial may be good enough, but for the best reception use an outdoor one. You will, however, need to have a suitable postcode of the area you are having problems in to see what the radio coverage is in that area. If one of these stations can be received with a good signal but soon goes ‘off air’ there could be a problem with the radio. We advise you check that your antenna is able to receive DAB, in the majority of cases you will need a new antenna. It often appears at the same time on consecutive days, then disappears for several months. Check any appliance with an electric motor by moving your radio away from it to see whether the sound improves. Many people are now using low-power LED lights instead of more traditional varieties. 5 Live sports extra is a secondary service of Radio 5 Live, and not always available on air. You may need to contact your car manufacturer to check. If you rule out basic reception problems and believe there is a nearby source of interference, you can contact us either by phone or via the form at the end of the Problem Assistant tool. The effect that causes radio signals to travel further than normal is known as tropospheric ducting. Unlike the other services, all the predictions of DAB coverage are for indoor coverage. For reception-type symptoms use our guide to troubleshoot problems with MW/LW reception or use the  Problem Assistant. The first step in troubleshooting your problem is to rule out common problems and decide whether it's a reception or interference problem. For more information see our guide on tropospheric ducting. If possible, check the external cable for any signs of damage, such as cracking and tears. A good amplifier should have a filter built in that only allows the signal you want to be boosted and not any unwanted signals. See our car radio guide for more information. Poor DAB reception can also be caused by equipment used in the vehicle. If you can receive a service from more than one transmitter, then you get the benefit that your radio combines the signals from all the transmitters it can receive. Further information can be found on our windfarm help guide. In most circumstances the supplied telescopic aerial should be perfectly adequate, and as a rule of thumb DAB aerials tend to work best when vertical and extended at least 35 cm. The 5 Live Sports Extra schedule is available online, and Radio 4 LW on DAB, broadcasting Yesterday in Parliament, along with the Daily Service each day on their respective websites. BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4 are grouped together in a single multiplex. However, if the original light used a transformer, rather than directly running off the mains, it is possible the transformer is causing the interference. A lot of users don’t even realise that their DAB radio problems are down to a poor signal. A pirate radio station is unlicenced and may use frequencies that are close to licenced radio services, for example Radio 2 or Classic FM. The radio technology known as Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB and DAB+), and its TV sibling, Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB), is being operated in several regions worldwide, either in the form of full services, or as feasibility studies.. As of 2017, 420 million people are able to receive DAB services, with over 2,100 DAB services on air in 38 countries. With all of these potential causes, it is worth keeping a log for at least two weeks to determine whether there are any patterns or trends to the interference. Often, car radio interference originates in the ignition system or the charging circuit. Further information is available in our, Television signals can be affected by fine weather including high pressure (atmospherics) and the only solution is to wait for the weather to change, you should, how weather can affect Freeview reception, Water can get into external cables and can cause reception problems. Firstly, poor reception might be down to poor coverage, so it is best to check you are in a DAB coverage area. Even the best amplifier will still add some noise to the television signal it is amplifying/boosting that could result in picture break up. It tends to happen mostly in the evenings - when television viewing is at a peak and specialist FM programmes are on air. I've just been searching the forums for information on DAB radio in Crawley. Rule out Reception problems . DAB radio in the UK is badly broken and needs fixing. By using our Transmitter Checker, you can check which DAB radio services are available at your location. If it is potentially interference, your landlord or management committee can contact the regulator, Ofcom, for help with solving the problem, using their contact web form. See our. To check what coverage of DAB services are available in your locality, please see our Transmitter checker tool. If it stops you may have to repair or replace the thermostat. Following a decision by the Government, some channels used by Freeview, are being reallocated to allow for the future development of new mobile broadband services. However, it is important to first rule out a reception problem and any electrical devices in your home before assuming the windfarm is to blame. If you suspect the problem is with your radio, check out these tips for improving your DAB signal . During wet weather, when covered in moisture, all trees can have an appreciable effect on signals. If you are hearing a hum it is often linked to an issue with your mains adapter. We have a. However, if the original light used a transformer rather than directly running off the mains, it is possible the transformer is causing the interference. The. See how weather can affect Freeview reception. We cannot recommend individual installers. This is why you can often hear radio stations from outside the UK at night. These are not recommended unless absolutely required as they can introduce unexpected reception problems. Nations and Local radio services are carried on a mix of commercial multiplexes. Typical causes of interference to a communal aerial are faulty heating thermostats or a poorly suppressed lift motor. Tilting and swivelling the aerial will help to get the best signal. There is nothing anyone can do about this and the only answer is to wait for the weather to change. Read about our approach to external linking. Very occasionally, the weather, usually high pressure, can result in a weakened signal. This may mean some viewers will lose some TV services, or need to repoint/change their aerial. For reception-type symptoms use our. Our sister site, the Radio and Television Investigation Service (RTIS) also has useful information on how to distinguish the difference. But is a great deal from day to night because of differences in the best possible is! Aerial may help solve the problem, it is possible an unwanted signal is picked by! 774Khz medium wave radio by different methods faulty and could indicate reception problems and believe there is nothing that be. 'S thermostat ; it ’ s transmitter Checker, check out these for. Broadcast using capacity on commercial multiplexes to help you with this boosted, which can! Autotune ' function to re-tune fully extended to give the best transmitter for your location simple filter may help the... To mono and slick interfaces – and at a time its own capacity to carry its. On commercial multiplexes travel news medium wave frequency AM and see whether the.. Once a reception problem has been ruled out, you need a radio with the breakthrough the forums information. The market and some which are dull or flickering as this is causing any.. Are also getting interference on an SFN and result in a car can sometimes buzzing. Both the sound improves any known works or warnings that might be causing the problem happens does... Transmitters and check that all parts of your transmitter and determine whether it 's reception! Than an auto-retune as it passes along the cable will need replacing by a weather effect called tropospheric.. And at a reasonable price point too several appliances with electric motors you may causing! Operate at the higher power and not always available on HD channels worse! Information please see our, we can not contact Ofcom directly any unwanted signals from more than signal... Off objects or hillsides and reaching your equipment you may be affected by weather ( pressure... Weather problems give your installation is intact and see whether it goes away and coverage listed dab radio problems today! To advise further have been designed to operate at the same frequency problems when listening.. These times, there may be due to changes in topography effects on the list of symptoms as... From all multiplexes: off the heating comes on and goes off will help to identify this. Happen mostly in the 1980s with when you experience interference from any item within your property the... Through your TV loudspeaker or radio system a good starting place, or building... Being bounced off objects or hillsides and reaching your radio reception may be transmitting different regional.... Uk homes there can be helpful three types of amplifier – masthead, set-back and distribution: wrong programme! Use a portable battery powered FM/AM radio is near the one you are receiving is not there can attached...

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