avengers endgame time travel fanfiction

dpkgirl wrote in avengers_search. That did not paint a pretty picture for him. Thankfully, Sophie was there to pick him up. Tony smirked at his best friend, only Harry could hold all 5 of the strongest things in the universe and walk away with a hangover, "where are the stones? ", Somebody cleared his throat. As the team made plans to head to another planet that had emitted the shockwave of power from thanos's snap, Harry smiled at Wanda, "I was so worried you would be gone Luv." Don't worry, I won't cry to embarrass the Avengers. Harry's mind couldn't wrap around what they wanted to do. Harry was glad they could replace the pin particles that Scott had brought with time Turner sand, they worked on the same basic principle. Oh his life rocked. Get the stones, get them back. Be careful. "This place is so different..." Wanda said. Lily was using magic like it was a physical part of her. He certainly felt all of them. Harry removed his memories of his third year and deposited them into the pensieve, "stick a finger in and find see.". Honestly we would've been safer in any of the Potter Properties, but everyone had a habit of listening to a man who was obsessed with letting the wrong man off of their crimes. A new universe teeming with life that only knows what's been given to it. He had worked with the headmistress, Mcgonagall, to be able to knock off every night at 8 sharp and floo home to his wife and children, well..after they were born of course. A few days ago the ship had broken down, Tony and Nebula had rigged the fuel cells to give them extra time with air, but they were dead in the water, nothing they did would help. He was...large. Morgan beamed, it was not a present for a child, but Harry had to teach her about the wizarding world as it was now. Perhaps in a lot of futures he saw Tony sacrificed everything to save everyone? I can help you to remove them if you let me.". He waved his hand and sure enough, a pink glow was emitting from her stomach, but it was segregated, like it was picking up two signatures. The logical conclusion would be that nothing changed, everyone just came back. This happened after you were taken by Hagrid and Dumbledore. They had become friends fast and eventually married, Susan Bones took up the office of Minister and very much showed how she took after her late aunt, she slapped down any bribes and the like. Besides even if i couldn't, I have an obligation to help you two out. All four of them began fighting Thor swinging both MJOLNIR and Storm breaker, Tony crafting weapons with his nanotech, Cap throwing his shield and what not. Did you meet Harry Potter at your school?". James said as the train pulled away. In some futures, he survived but othes didn't. Plus to ensure she proved herself to her now returned best friend, she made it a law for wizards to check on those from the muggle world. Wanda smiled, "we will figure it out together. You can only safely change moments in time that are absolutely unconfirmed. ", A few hours later Harry and Wanda were sitting in their living room, surrounded by portraits of his family, "should we do this love? You're OK. You're safe here." Whatever it takes.

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