average police department budget

The total annual budget for job programs was around $281 million ― 0.3% of the city’s budget. Access the home page for any city and locate the finance department or agency label in the main navigation menu or look for the finance division in a city organizational chart and click on the budget section. Police and corrections were the fifth-largest source of direct general spending at the state and local level in 2017, roughly equal to spending on highways and roads. Nearly all (97 percent) of police and corrections spen… 1187.8 FTE 1226.0 FTE 1246.2 FTE 1299.6 FTE 1298.0 FTE 1305.0 FTE INTRODUCTION The Police ureau [s FY 2019-20 base budget shifts substantial resources from materials and In 2017, state and local governments spent $115 billion on police (4 percent of state and local direct expenditures) and $79 billion on corrections (3 percent), for a combined $194 billion (6 percent).2 (The sum of the percentages is larger than the combined percentage because of rounding.) A whopping 39 percent of Chicago's 2017 budget went to police, and still the department got even more money, peaking in 2020 with a 7 percent increase to nearly $1.8 billion. Across these 150 large cities, the average share of general expenditures devoted to the police has gradually increased by about 1.2 percentage points since the late 1970s, to 7.8 percent. Police department budgets are just one part of the annual budget for a city or town. Total police budget: $829 million Total number of residents: 4.5 million Per capita spending on police: $186 In 2019, the New York City Police Department had a budget of nearly $6 billion, which is around 8% of the city’s total budget. Overall budgets for the 10 largest U.S. cities grew an average of 8% between the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years, and spending on police departments grew in …

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