child blown away by wind

A video shared on social media seems to show the girl swinging in the air for a few seconds before someone pulled the kite down. The mayor promised that there would be a full investigation into what had happened to prevent anything similar from happening in the future. Open Door. Inflatable bouncer with children blown away by wind in Russia . It's orf! ', Someone else posted: 'All it takes is a car coming and that’s disaster better staying indoors.'. The family were walking back to their car amid the Storm Ciara carnage, despite seve… But the 80mph winds proved too strong as one youngster was knocked off their feet before hurtling forward into the road. A three-year-old was pulled into the sky by a large kite after a huge gust of wind Nanliao Harbor of Hsinchu City in Taiwan today. Storm Ciara leaves Yorkshire Dales and Pennines towns under water as £30m barriers finished last year catastrophically FAIL. by John Perritano. 'They must have been holidaymakers, there were no locals out and about in the storm. Lin was then sent to hospital by staff at the event with her mum for a check over, although as reported, she was ok. Copy embed to clipboard. A committee of inquiry states that the cushion straps were only stuck in three of the six places. One said: 'Funny but you have to wonder about the sanity of the parents! There was lots of screaming and shouting, but thankfully a group of people caught the girl when she fell. Roads have been taped off by police in Blackpool since debris is causing major issues throughout the region. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. They were all a bit shaken up. Five children were injured on Thursday after a bouncer flew into the air in Russia. There are still weather warnings for wind, rain and snow in large parts of the UK today. Contact us The family were trying to get home from Blackpool, Lancashire, yesterday afternoon despite torrential rain and near-record breaking wind speeds when one of their children was blown into the road, This is the horrifying moment a young child was blown into the road by gale force Storm Ciara winds, Another child is pictured walking through the storm in Blackpool on Sunday, The town's famous promenade was battered by the storm, which has seen rivers burst its banks, trees uprooted and homes and businesses flooded, Street furniture is pictured littering the streets of Blackpool in the aftermath of Storm Ciara, 10:59 10 Feb 2020, updated 20:05 10 Feb 2020, Shocking moment adult and child are almost swept away after ignoring dangers to stand next to raging seas whipped up by Storm Ciara, So much for the flood defences! Report. wind. Share to Pinterest. WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: The distressed dog was found on the street struggling to move and covered in blood before she was rescued after her shocking bestiality attack. Attorney General's son wanders in during TV interview then hilariously backs away, The teenager was engrossed in his phone as dad, Josh Shaprio - who is the Attorney General in Pennsylvania, USA - was speaking live on an American news channel, Emotional moment New Yorkers hear Joe Biden has won US Election as celebrations erupt, As American news networks started to announce the new President of the United States, the city of New York appeared to erupt in celebration as videos were shared on social media. 'They were given shelter and the little kid who fell over was ok. OLI SCARFF/Stringer/Getty. There are still weather warnings for wind, rain and snow in large parts of the UK today. The alarming video, filmed in Blackpool, shows the youngster being swept along by the wind and seemingly unable to remain on their feet. More than 180 flood warnings remain in place around the UK, the majority in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. 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Passers-by screamed as the child fell into the street and risked being hit by a car at around 12.30pm. The girl was caught up in the kite and whipped into the air, (Image:, She was in the air for a few seconds before someone could pull the kite down, Luckily the girl had no serious injuries but it must have been terrifying to watch, The event was closed immediately after the incident, Subscribe to Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror newspapers, Trump to visit city where black man was shot in back - but won't see him in hospital, Wetherspoons customers among 1,000 tested for coronavirus after bingo night outbreak, US Election results 2020 LIVE: Joe Biden WINS presidency as Donald Trump on golf course, The former Vice President defeated Donald Trump after Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral votes he needed to win the race, Ex-Primark worker shares store secrets - including why staff ask for 'Mr Brown', A series of videos posted on TikTok by an ex-Primark employee has shared some of the staff secrets from the popular store, from coded messages to offering discounts for customers, Man asks for no salad in McDonald's burger but when it arrives he's 'devastated', The "devastated" man was exposed by his wife on Facebook after he accidentally removed one too many ingredients from the burger he was ordering from McDonald's, Confusion as Donald Trump announces legal press conference outside gardening firm, The President initially announced there would be a press conference at the Four Seasons.

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