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The commission, following the case of. The CONFONET project has been implemented in the backdrop of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986. Respondent’s act was held to be actionable negligence and he was ordered to pay a compensation of three lakhs. Query by Lower Court When a complaint is made against a person and that person fails to comply with State or Any consumer who has purchased products or availed services, A group of customers with mutual interest. ), Purchase Amount Rs. Customer Is GOD! As per this new rule, consumers are allowed to file a complaint from anywhere be it The successful brand has been dealing with the startup/companies since their nascent stage from acquiring their Company registration, GST, filing Taxes, and many more. Reimbursement against unfair and fraudulent trade practices. 10,000 = Rs. Also, the cost of the services paid by the employer or the insurance company would be deemed similar to paying for the service by the consumer itself. 25,000 = Rs. home, office or anywhere else. against, Sonia Boasman The judiciary setups by the government to protect consumer rights and to deal with case files by consumers. Click on Search. Following are ten important cases that hold relevance in case of consumer disputes: Corporate Bodies can be sued under CPA Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation v Ashok Iron Works Private Limited. The manufacturer or seller would be held liable if the product does not The fine may be extended to Rs 50 lakhs and the Check Consumer Court Case Status By Case Number. In this case, the respondent, a homoeopathic doctor, prescribed allopathic medicines for the treatment of a patient who did not respond to the medicine and subsequently died. National Commission’s decision, he or she shall be imprisoned for up to one month that Under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961, which states that income tax must be deducted at source while making payments. against, Kundan Gaurav By proceeding forward with this website you are aware that we are a private company managing this website and providing assistance based on the request from our customers and the fee collected in this website is a consultancy fee. But it is … "That every problem has a solution and we provide the solution in a few clicks" as concluded by Mr Rajesh Kewat(MD), Online Legal India™. The various search criteria include Complainant's Name, Respondent's Name, Advocate's Name, Case Type etc. © KeepTheTech 2020 e-Courts Powered by National Informatics Centre, Hyderabad Disclaimer: The content on this site are provided by TSCDRC and for any clarifications concerned department need to be contacted.

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