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"Not here." Derek was transfixed. A/N: Not too sure what to say about this chapter. Derek still had Stiles pinned under him as he starts to rip Stiles' shirt and pants off and trail hot kisses down the boy's body. I'm blinded!" "Hale.". "Derek how the hell could you hurt one of your pack members? Stiles swallows, driving his point home. Stiles wraps his arms around Jamie's slender waist and looks intently into her eyes. "How does dinner, a movie and a walk through the park sound?". Anyway, I think we should focus on the task tonight. Jackson was occupied by the show on the television in front of him. Derek made quick work and jumped on the bed, caging Stiles in with his body. He ran but not towards the woods. Lydia pouts as Scott drives out of the school parking lot, heading towards the nearest pizza place. "If anything, I should be the one that is pissed. "Oh, umm, these are for you." "It's the full moon." "What? Stiles kisses the side of Jamie's head. The alpha growls, wiping the sweat from his brow. Derek finds himself stunned as he watches Stiles drift away. Stiles leaned his head back and gave Danny more access to his neck. ", "I thought I recognized the last name. Scott all but growled through the phone. Hearing Derek's words, Scott charges the alpha. Then he watched as someone bumped into Stiles, sending him into Danny's chest. You gotta look like you're with someone or these boys are going to try and sweep you away.". Stiles is funny and smart and kind and is also his daughter’s teacher and his boss’s son. He couldn't stop thinking about Stiles and his whereabouts. It'll only be three chapters. "Do it." Stiles watched as Danny licked his lips and slowly leaned in. Stiles grasps Derek's hand, intertwining their fingers. Of course he had heard the conversation. Stiles humored the wolf. Stiles' smile is lopsided as he takes in the sight in front of him. Scott finished quickly. Closing the door behind him and throwing his wallet and keys on the dresser, Stiles grabs a change of clothes, going to the bathroom to change and brush his teeth for the night. Stiles snarls his response. Those guys could smell a virgin a mile away. people Derek is in love with. Derek starts to walk across the room, closing the distance between him and the teen. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Stiles is a popular blogger who made his internet fame Assessing Stiles' condition, Scott and Allison slow. That was the first time anyone had paid him a compliment about his looks. Stiles has such flawless skin. ", "No, he made it clear that he didn't want me. by auroreanrave. He stops at the edge of Derek's jeans, kissing along it. Stiles takes off running to the forest, shifting when he is shaded by the shadows. Lydia and Allison watch from the porch. "How'd she take it?" Fanfiction. She said she always knew that I was in love with someone else. Stiles finished as calmly as possible. "Stiles." "F-Fuck." On the list of people who are off-limits, Stiles has held the top spot for as long as Derek has known him. The alpha had his legs on top of Stiles' and the teen's hands were pinned above his head. "I have to go; Jamie and I have a date. Danny stands, walking over to clasp Stiles on the shoulder; sign that he accepted the alpha's mate. Stiles enters his house, taking two steps at a time up to his room. Stiles demands as he makes quick work at the alpha's button and zipper. Well, that was an opportunity Danny just could not pass up. ", Stiles' eyes were screwed shut as pain courses through his body. He realizes how much Stiles means to him but it might be too late. "How could someone not give that face a chance? Stiles grips Jamie's wrist and speaks through clenched teeth. The boys on the dance floor not noticing. We're doing this in he basement." Not being able to disobey, Scott, Jackson and Danny shift and running to catch up to their alpha. Danny comments. "What the hell is taking you so long?". Scott reaches for the doorknob, quickly shutting the door and taking the dazed girl downstairs to the living room. Scott whines. "It was a good thing that I went over there, those clothes he picked out…" Lydia shudders at the thought. Until it doesn’t. Danny was looking frantically from side to side trying to figure out where the screams where coming from. Standing on her tiptoes, Jamie locks her lips with Stiles'. "T-the park." Because moles aren’t the only thing marring the pale skin of Stiles’ neck. Knowing smiles were seen on the faces of the pack, making Stiles' blush and Derek rub his thumb over his newly claimed mate. "Don't make yourself a stranger." The teen would definitely be the head beta and possibly, if Stiles wants, he can take his rightful place as head female, as Derek's mate. She likes this shirt. Author: rubykatewriting Title: The Strong Scent of Evergreen Pairing: Derek/Girl!Stiles Rating: NC-17 Summary: Derek and Stiles start something new. Few more words mumbled under his breath, Stiles finally is dressed and emerges from the bathroom. A bond bite which Stiles definitely did not have yesterday, and which appears to have roughly the same dimensions as Derek’s own mouth. Isaac shook his head to shake the angst feeling he was getting. She says that I look cute in it. ", "Umm, well I have the jersey, but I'm mostly on the bench giving commentary.". He was focusing on anything but Stiles. "Help, what do we do?" He should leave and forget the teen's existence. Lydia tried to keep her voice quiet. You're supposed to protect us!". Does Derek know? His neighbor, Derek – the guy Stiles has had a "Derek's really pissed." At the end, Derek's voice was low. Now all of a sudden you want me and you claimed me.". "Ok, ok, but what's wro..." Scott looked panicked but Derek did not let him finish. Scott sighs. "Seriously. Once in a room, Scott gently lays his friend on the bed, kneeling to look at Stiles. The wolf in Stiles starts to get angry. The alpha has a metallic taste in his mouth. Derek starts to feel his wolf. Derek leans down, mere centimeters from Stiles' face. There's nothing we can do." In which Stiles accidentally propositions an alpha with "Missing a good show." "You're going to be ok." Tears were falling down the girl's face as she watches Stiles' contort in pain. Derek was hell trying to deal with, it was like he was on his period or something." The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He snaps. "Take Jamie home, I'll deal with Stiles." Danny comments as a howl echoes in the distance. Stiles locks gazes with the girl above him, giving her a weak smile. You have a great pack to support you…" Stiles lays his head back down on Derek's chest. Stiles forces him back into the mattress. "I can't believe that he actually went." "Right. Glaring at anyone who came too close. "Why did you turn me down before? Derek's sister tries to play matchmaker, Stiles remains oblivious, the Hunters want his blood, whilst his own uncle is a rabid werewolf purist who hates … wanting to pick up a hobby. Jamie blushes. He starts running around his room, grabbing his wallet and cell. Derek was under Stiles, eyes closed in ecstasy and hands gripping the teen's hair, holding the younger man in place as Stiles swallows him whole, his head bobbing as he works to get the alpha off. It was hard to keep secrets in a room full of werewolves. "You look…Jamie isn't going to be able to keep her hands off of you." I-I'll be fine." "She'd love some pizza." He'd feel safe once he was in Derek's arms. The rest of the day was spend with Danny. You're not in complete control of the wolf yet.". Don't stay out too late. Walking down the stairs, Scott notices his alpha sitting on the last step, head held in his hands and he was breathing heavily. I didn't want to seem like a jerk so I said yes." The alpha leans down, locking lips again with the teen. He sent off a quick text, simply saying. Stiles is left reeling after Derek rejects him, but he guesses he'll make it through. Fic: The Strong Scent of Evergreen, DerekGirl!Stiles (Teen Wolf) [Part 10/10] Fic: The Strong Scent of Evergreen, DerekGirl!Stiles (Teen Wolf) [Part 10/10] Mar. Danny saw the lustful looks coming in Stiles' direction and quickly wrapped an arm around the shorter boy's waist.

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