how long is dean a vampire

Instead he tells Klaus that he had no choice, as they protect the family no matter the cost. She succeeds and disappears, only to come back in Bring It On, where Klaus saves her from a vampire sent by Katherine to kill her. Klaus comes up with the idea that Lucien's blood may be the antidote for the bite. The two slept together in the chapel. He promises Dean he'll come back with Sam, but it's pretty clear (even to Sam) that he was never going to, even if he wasn't forced to commit a, Removing the Head or Destroying the Brain, fell in love with a woman he was supposed to kill. Apparently Dean is a friend of Hayley whom she mentioned before. Sometimes their strength comes from their mental fortitude, which enables them to accept their lot in life or seek a better way forward. However, Dean awakens from his grave and reunites with family and meets the angel Castiel who (along with the army of angels who were also sent to work together) is revealed to have saved from Hell and resurrected Dean. Despite their warnings of Mikael's coming, he refused to flee. Klaus went back to see Marcel, again wanting to know how he controls the witches. Rebekah wishes to leave, but Klaus states that he will not leave without Elena, causing Rebekah to get angry and state that she won't care even if he does die, before leaving. After slaughtering many hunters in his wake, Michael He wakes up and pulls out the golden dagger. In The Sun Also Rises, Klaus appears at the quarry and begins the sacrifice by handing the moonstone over to Greta. During the battle in the compound, Klaus tackles his brother, Elijah and begins a fight between the two while Dahlia deals with Freya. What was your favorite "Walton's" TV drama series episode from the 1970's. She is devastated at Marcel's apparent death and reveals it was her fault. But the bartender - Sylvia, tells her that nobody had seen or heard from him for three years. He tells her about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if she knows of Jane-Anne Deveraux. He goes to talk with Cami. After finding out that Mikael is not his biological father, he was shocked and betrayed. He also reveals that he was only using Sophie as she and the other witches only wants to have Davina and he is going to take her for himself before anyone can. Capturing Crowley, Dean stops Sam from completing the trials when he learns it will kill his brother. Rebekah soon stops and Klaus comes down the stairs and reveals that he is no longer going to dagger her, he will use the blade on her and he describes what it's effects are, she tells him to do it. Klaus initially believed her to be a fling of Tyler's whilst in the Appalachians, however it was revealed she came to Mystic Falls in a deliberate attempt to have Klaus murder his hybrids, in exchange for information on her family. Dean is also against Sam using the teachings of their father on Adam after he is attacked by monsters. Kol says he's bored so he and Klaus leave the room. She tells him that she knows that he think that if he revert to being the cruel bastard that he was before he met Cami, he can pretend like she was never there. Meeting a seemingly helpful demon Ruby, Dean learns that he too may become a demon himself if he burns in Hell too long. During his time in New Orleans, Klaus has grown to genuinely care about his unborn child, and was deeply hurt/enraged when Elijah and Hayley falsely accused him of using her to sire more hybrids; that he violently bit Elijah in retaliation. He was afraid so she gave him a necklace which he believed would protect him and remind him that Esther will be with him always and forever. Klaus told Elena to tell when Kol returns, and he told Jeremy there was no shortage of people to turn or loved ones to threaten, so they'd finish their work on the mark the next day. At first Klaus hated Stefan, but he grew to like him once he discovered that Stefan was a Ripper and they became good friends. Although in Kai's case he killed most of them while Klaus prefers to neutralize his, although he still cares for his family whereas Kai does not. Klaus being represented as 'The Big Bad Wolf'. While dancing, Klaus tells her how she would have loved the 1920's and that he will be leaving Mystic Falls that night. In 1919, Klaus tried to make arrangements with werewolves in the city, so his rule could remain hidden. He attends the funeral with Elijah and Hayley as well. Because vampires are monsters who kill humans and he couldn't kill innocent humans. Finally, Klaus bursts outs saying that his sins were terrible indeed, but they taught the world to fear him and that fear protected his family. Marcel lets her defend Klaus but she suddenly concedes; tells Marcel that he is right. A cross won't repel them, sunlight won't kill them, and neither will a stake to the heart. He comments on the tea, saying his mother made it and he disliked it. Dahlia puts a rain thunderstorm spell on New Orleans so Hayley can't escape the Bayou. Soon he gets the call from Camille who tells him that Papa Tunde is killing Marcel. Klaus then threw Tim down the church balcony. He is also known for driving a signature black 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan, which he occasionally sleeps in and he has a huge stash of weaponry in the trunk. Stefan told Klaus to give Damon a vial of blood every couple of hours so he doesn't desiccate. Klaus has also mellowed great deal a since season one, so much so he, in an ironic twist of fate, restrained Elijah when he lost his temper when Finn threatened Rebekah (and unknowingly Hope) unlike before where he would just let the blood flow. Klaus wanted to use her blood to break the Hybrid Curse, but after her escape, Klaus was furious and blamed his half-brother. Presumably what happened after he got killed while in Purgatory. At one point, Dean opened to Sam and revealed how he not only tortured but enjoyed the events while in Hell. Hayley snaps and tells him that she was buying poison to kill the baby. They need fresh human blood to survive. 1, where Sophie was waiting. Because of her mother telling her about her father, Hope deems Klaus her 'fairytale prince'. Marcel then gets a call, saying there is a werewolf in town. Rebekah intervened and told Klaus that it is okay to care and to want something. Will asks him how she died, and the hybrid tells him it was an accident. The two banter for a while, with Elijah correctly deduce that Klaus is terrified that Jackson might be a better father then him to Hope. Cami refuses. He pointed out how Stefan had fought so hard to fight Klaus' compulsion to feed on Elena that he was able to momentarily beat it.

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