list of family annihilators

List killed his wife, mother, and three children at their home in Westfield, New Jersey, in 1971. I will not type their names. On June 29, 2002, Fisher was added to the FBI’s ten most wanted list. On July 19th, an arrest warrant was issued charging Robert William Fisher with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of arson. On the outside, they were an average couple with two kids. Despite his story changing multiple times, the presence of gunshot residue on his hands, and having two polygraph tests come back inconclusive, authorities closed the case as a murder/suicide. John List was able to evade arrest for 18 years after killing his whole family. In the weeks before the murders, relatives said that some members of the household were seeing demons and talking about the “pearly gates.”  From this, relatives concluded that the household had come under the influence of a cult. : ---; W: Gun; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, seven children; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: wife, five/six children; Occ: Farmer; W: Axe; Non-fam: None; Rac: ---, Vic: wife, son, parents-in-law, three brothers-in-law, sister-in-law, acquaintance; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: brother, five nephews/nieces, three acquaintances; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: Black, Vic: wife, son, parents-in-law, four others; Occ: Salesman; W: 16-gauge shotgun; Non-fam: Four; Rac: ---, Vic: wife, four children, three office workers; Occ: ---; W: .25-caliber pistol, .22-caliber pistol; Non-fam: Three; Rac: White, Vic: parents-in-law, five cousins-in-law; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: daughter, brother, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law, two other in-laws, one other person; Occ: ---; W: Winchester rifle, knife; Non-fam: One; Rac: White, Vic: husband, six children; Occ: ---; W: Revolver; Non-fam: None; Rac: ---, Vic: sister, brother, sister-in-law, four nephews; Occ: ---; W: Revovler; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: seven children; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: wife, four children, mother-in-law, acquaintance; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: five children, two others; Occ: ---; W: Gun; Non-fam: ---; Rac: White, Vic: ex-wife, six former in-laws; Occ: ---; W: Gun; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: ---; W: Arson; Non-fam: None; Rac: ---, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: ---; W: Razor; Non-fam: None; Rac: ---, Vic: ---; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, parents-in-law, brother-in-law, two servants; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: White, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: ---; W: Gas; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: parents, wife, three children; Occ: Carpenter; W: Revolver; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: six children; Occ: ---; W: Bare hands, water; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: six children; Occ: ---; W: Axe, club; Non-fam: None; Rac: ---, Vic: six children; Occ: ---; W: Winchester rifle, Arson; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: Farmer ; W: R.32-caliber revolver; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: ---; W: ---; Non-fam: ---; Rac: ---, Vic: six children; Occ: ---; W: Arson; Non-fam: None; Rac: White, Vic: wife, five children; Occ: Farmer; W: Five-shot handgun; Non-fam: None; Rac: prob. He carried out his killings over the course of two weeks. Being part of the List of rampage killers the latter's terms of inclusion are also applied here. Being part of the List of rampage killers the latter's terms of inclusion are also applied here. Very little research has been done specifically on female family annihilators. The police were notified and when they arrived at the home for a welfare check, the woman and her children were nowhere to be found. John List 1971 Westfield, NJ. Throw in likely financial hardship, possible mental health issues, and who knows what else. Most family annihilators work alone and wipe out the entire household. At 8:42 am, the house exploded into flames, shaking homes for one and a half miles. He didn’t have any more spears, so he used the shafts that he had removed from his wife and fired them, with no head, into Gracie’s skull. Unfortunately, the court ordered the sentences to run concurrently, which means he was ultimately sentenced to 30 years. He was 82-years-old. She was also 15 weeks pregnant with their third child. Some of the most chilling murders in recent history have taken place between family members, including the case of the Memphis mother who slashed four of her babies’ throats in … His parents divorced when he was 15-years-old and his father got custody of all the children. Familicides were used as an enhanced punishment in antiquity. List of familicides; List of familicides in Europe; List of familicides in the United States; man kills wife, six other relatives, Mississippi man says god told him to slay 7, Driver blames seven deaths on postpartum depression, Mo. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Rzeszowski responded by going out and having a one night stand out of spite. At no time did they cite a religious imperative as their motive. Dale Hartley is an associate professor and chair of the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences division at West Virginia University, Parkersburg. On top of the fraud investigation, the Todt family had been given an eviction notice at their rented Celebration home, but it’s not clear why they were being asked to leave. killings suspect 'just walked in' to victims' houses, Motive still a mystery in Missouri mass shooting, Missouri killing spree victims identified following Tyrone rampage, Tiny Missouri Town Mourns After Gunman Kills 7, Then Himself, Anatomy of a rampage: How a Missouri man pulled off one of the biggest mass shootings of 2015, Youth murders entire family after quarrel, Fire kills seven; man, 21, is held in arson-murder, Seven members of family found slain in farmhouse, Borrowed gun ends up in Midland County court, Michigan Man Is Guilty Of Killing 7 in Family, Farwell mass killer struck five years earlier, Police say infamous Farwell killer, Robert Lee Haggart, strangled and raped Midland woman in 1977, In 7 Deaths, Town Knew What Experts Didn't, Murder twist; a survivor held, a victim cleared, Shooting spree by 14-year-old leaves tiny Ozarks town in shock, Man Arrested in Glendale Fire That Killed 7 in Family, Man Gets Life in Prison for Killing Wife, 6 Children, Arson Suspect Hid Iran Jail Record, Officials Say, Man kills daughter, 6 grandchildren in North Florida murder-suicide, Sheriff: Grandfather Killed Grandchildren, Daughter, Himself, Bell Shooting: Man Kills Daughter, Six Grandchildren, Commits Suicide In Florida, Six grandchildren, daughter killed in Florida murder-suicide, Ex-husband charged in blast that killed 6, Olathe dynamite slayings trial to go to jury, Dynamite bomb killed six in home - Family speaks against parole, Man accused in Lester Street murders appears in court, Brother of Victim Is Charged in Deadly Memphis Shootings, Death sentence for Memphis man who killed 6, Seek in vain for motive in killing of five, 7th death is now feared at Chippewa Falls, Little-remembered mass murder put city in international spotlight, The Brown Murders: The Crime of the Century, Trial, confession and execution of Robert M'Conaghy, for the murder of Mrs. Brown and her five children, Der Liberale Beobachter und Berks, Montgomery und Schuylkill Caunties allgemeine Anzeiger, Story of bizarre family life unfolds after multiple deaths, Murders In The United States - Crimes, Killers And Victims Of The Twentieth Century, Four youths, mother, grandmother killed; father arrested, Accused killer of six says he wants to die, 4 Children Among 6 Killed in Houston-Area Shooting, Ronald Lee Haskell charged in ghastly Houston-area domestic shooting that killed 2 adults, 4 children, Police hail courageous 15-year-old girl shot in the head whose brave 911 call stopped Houston father continuing his rampage after 'he shot dead four children and two adults at family home', Houston father allegedly kills 6, including 4 of his children, in suburb, Manhunt for 'Armed and Dangerous' Suspect in Pennsylvania Shooting Spree, Ex-Marine gunman who 'killed wife and five in-laws' gives cops the slip: Huge manhunt for PTSD veteran in Philadelphia suburbs, Manhunt intensifies for Pennsylvania shooting spree suspect, Shooting Spree Suspect Had Odd Reputation in Marines, Man Accused of Killing 6 Near Philadelphia Took His Own Life, Official Says, Suspect in Six Slayings Surrenders After Manhunt, Algona, Iowa - A Time to Kill, And a Time to Heal, Six killed, one critical in apparent domestic feud, Woman Pleads Guilty To Killing 6 Children, Mother Gets 50 Years For Killing 6 Children, Sherriff says father shot kin, died in fire he set, Pennsylvania Man Accused of Murdering 6 Relatives, Pennsylvania: Life in Prison for Man Who Killed His Relatives, Missouri Gunman Who Killed 5 Was Depressed for Weeks, Police Say, Fourth Child Dies in Kansas City Shooting, Man kills wife, five kids, himself after being fired, Unemployed California Dad Who Killed Family, Himself Said Hospital Incited Tragedy, Agents: Wife main target, last to die in rampage, Police Charge Man With Six Murders in Two-State Killing Spree, Police say Tennessee rampage started in Alabama, Florida Mom Slain With Her 5 Children Endured Abuse, Fla. Man Charged in Slayings of Wife, 5 Kids, Florida Dad Accused of Killing Family Says 'Bad Spirits' Made Him Do It, Apparent murder-suicide leaves 7 dead in Grapevine, 7 people shot dead in Texas home, motive unclear, Texas shooting: Gunman 'dressed as Santa' killed family, Estranged Husband Dressed As Santa Blamed For Christmas Day Massacre, Dad's "weird" text message referred to death in Grapevine, recipient says,, Sentenced to eleven consecutive life terms, Sentenced to 75 years for three of the murders, Acquitted after recanting initial confession, Sentenced to six consecutive 40-year terms, Sentenced to six concurrent prison terms of 100 to 200 years, Sentenced to five consecutive life terms plus 10 years.

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