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Objectives of Environmental Education 2. The generational goal defines the overall direction of environmental efforts. The Environmental Studies major prepares students for careers as leaders in understanding and addressing complex environmental issues from a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary perspective. If this doesn’t work, then training is a good course of action. Targets are the means for providing verifiable evidence that you have actually met the objective. Principles of Environmental Education 3. The environmental objectives system The environmental objectives are of three different types. New regulations and standards are being stipulated at such a pace that they render the existing systems archaic. In the UK environmental legislation  covers the protection of wildlife, public rights of way, pollution control as well as many other facets if the environment. The main purpose of environmental awareness sets up different aims and objectives to strive for. To facilitate these efforts, and to make the generational goal more tangible, there are also 16 environmental quality objectives and a number of milestone targets. Diseases can be reduced by improving water quality and sanitation and increasing access to adequate water and sanitation facilities. Understand the transnational character of environmental problems and ways of addressing them, including interactions across local to global scales. It gives an idea of what is happening at that point in time in the project. A clear focus on strategic objectives is the first step towards effective operations and it also enables precise monitoring and verification of results. 2. Not only does it aim to do this in the public sphere, but also in organisations. The final part of the planning stage is devising an action plan for meeting the targets. Factory managers may not be fully aware of the latest requirements and this will make the top management/owners vulnerable for prosecution under various environmental acts. In the simplest terms, it validates the assessment. Objectives of Environmental Audit: To serve to achieve compliance standards and establish a report with regulatory bodies. Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures, Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies, Copyright © 2020 Trustees of Dartmouth College. Objectives of Environmental Education: The education for environmental awareness is essential for the younger and older … [1], [2], [3], For a price or demo, send us a message or call: 01453 796 222, © 2020 Hot Learning LTD. Trading as Engage in Learning | Registered Company No. There are standard requirements for what must be included in a report. Environmental management is the process of allocating natural and man-made resources so as to make optimum use of the environment in satisfying not only the present basic human needs but of the coming generations also. This involves solving any problems you may have and developing the “ability to draw unbiased inferences and conclusions”. Students: The Environmental Studies minor supplements other majors to facilitate students’ understanding of complex environmental issues from a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary perspective. Environmental education is concerned with those aspects of human behaviour which are more directly related to man’s interaction with bio-physical environment and his ability to understand this interaction. If a project authority fails to comply with requirements set out in a statement of environmental audit, then the local authority or Environmental Protection Authority should be notified. According to Your Article Library,[1] these include awareness, education, participation, changing attitudes and capacity building. You should include employees, who should give constructive feedback. Supporting Objectives 1. The thought process is simple: if people do not know about how we are damaging our earth, then how can we begin to tackle the problems? The Group is committed to achieve the following objectives: To serve to achieve compliance standards and establish a report with regulatory bodies. Purchase of Non-Sustainable Goods & Services Key Objective To reduce the demand for non-sustainable goods and services by reducing purchasing, using resource-efficient products and considering end of life.

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