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M���ӟtſU�Ў�?�e���͍1M@z��A�!^�9��-�,�V�2��"x&�P��R�N�������qM�|�o���/+�f,. This article was published more than 10 years ago. endobj striking a working committee composed of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Ministry of Finance, Local Health Integration Network representatives and Ontario Hospital Association. We'll have the minister of finance, Dwight Duncan, on the program tonight, live from the Munk Centre (a first, I think, for any government). Ontario.ca And we'll follow up with a debate on the government's new five-year  "Open Ontario" plan, more details of which were in the budget. Ontario Budget 2010 By Steve Paikin - Published on March 25, 2010 Comments X. Taxes The Budget identifies the following additional measures which, together with Bill 236, are meant to modernize Ontario’s pension system: The Government will consult on regulations related to Bill 133, the Family Statute Law Amendment Act 2009, which introduced new rules for the division of pensions on marriage breakdown. The Government has indicated it will respect all current collective agreements. Table 11: Changes in Key Economic Forecast Assumptions. Ontario.ca In its 2010 budget Ontario’s Liberal government forecasts a deficit of $21.3 billion for 2009-10, an improvement of $3.4 billion from the $24.7 billion deficit forecast it published in its Fall 2009 Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review. The Ministry of Finance has created an FAQ document, which states that “compensation” will include base pay, merit pay, time off such as vacation, pension, health and other benefits. �ڊ,Q� Options under consideration include increasing benefit and contribution rates under the existing CPP, the introduction of new supplementary defined contribution arrangements to provide additional options for Canadians who do not participate in an employer-sponsored pension plan, and tax reforms to improve private savings. << McGuinty Government’s Balanced Plan Protects Public Services and Outlines Measures To Eliminate Deficit. /OP false The intent was for the Pension Benefits Guarantee Fund (“PBGF”) to be self-financed through annual assessments paid by employer sponsors of DB pension plans. Ontario Budget 2010. Français, Home (Hons), CMA, TEP, CFP. The Restraint Act defines compensation as “…all forms of payment, benefits and perquisites paid or provided, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of a person who performs duties and functions that entitle him or her to be paid, and includes discretionary payments”. 1�Ͳ@z��lN��o��G�׬[�X�r�Ć�b�(k͸��h��yÌV��i�!�6}ZR5���X��+ݬ��� �}�=c>��3��Պ����4[ʋ���:�%�v~�n���͏��}w�\Zq-�(ը.yЪ�=����w��D隺Ս몗�v�͛��P��-���lH�S^;&.�6:�X�s��5O��Kﵗͅ˗��G���b�uL)Y\�eyˣ�m?3��%�eE����X���&(kWy�`��W, Meantime, enjoy the pictures below and see you at 8 and/or 11 pm. These agreements should help manage spending pressures, protect public services that Ontarians rely on and provide no net increase in compensation” (Budget page 52). Published March 25, 2010 . News %���� Such measures would, if introduced, be in addition to the temporary and more broadly available solvency funding relief measures that were established in 2009. We hope to have this fixed soon. FTR Now Ontario Budget 2010 – Highlights for Employers. Dr. Tam says winter raises risk of aerosol COVID-19 transmission, Johnny Depp exits Fantastic Beasts franchise after libel loss, From magic mushrooms to gig workers: Other issues voted on in the U.S. election, Avoid the use of toxic and offensive language. ��&�|��,e}"��7�I����ӈe�k��G��kk�nG#�����bT(�سܛ� yM��ns��'O��c�?p\�M�%>znr�JZF*��#�_�$��{�,�įz���*�zռ�^��'_y��r��}L��. The minister confirmed that the estimated deficit for the nearly completed 2009-2010 fiscal year is $21.3 billion. ET, come to our website, tvo.org/theagenda for our post-program web-chat, and put your comments and questions to our guests. ����:�u���ޗ�g�`��-���59��;vO^/�c߳�S�)��L��4��v���Lh����;nb����D��_XEK�(�v��K���k)���0��� �����v��z_�j�0��'"� �I2��j*������l�mW7}�V1=YC��T��E���1�S��/��r��}y)8&&���~ze����,m7�nFZ�V+}�[ǹ�s_r�[��!%|V��|��f!��YaK���0����K%c���2/�xiss�����g}ҳ�m{��=�=��>(�� COVID-19 readiness plans. V�P���d��U�z�ꥻ�o��*�;� Will Budget 2020 Help Business Survive COVID-19. 4 0 obj Economic Impact of the 2010 Ontario Budget. /OPM 1 Strategy, Strenthening Key Sectors of Ontario's Economy. Published March 25, 2010 Updated March 25, 2010 . A key theme expressed in the Budget is the ongoing viability of the pension system for retirees, plan members and plan sponsors, but few of the reforms that have been proposed to date are likely to create a sufficient incentive for employers to establish or maintain DB pension plans. * the province would step in to save child care spaces that the federal government no longer intended to fund. >> Credits, Benefits Dwight Duncan, Minister Of Finance, FAQ: Public Sector Compensation Restraint, FAQ: Public Sector Compensation Restraint To Protect Public Services Act, 2010, 2010 Ontario Budget Opens Ontario to Job Creation and Growth, Ontario’s Economic Outlook and Fiscal Plan, Creating Jobs Through New Investments in Postsecondary Education and Northern Ontario, Ontario Cannabis Legalization Implementation Fund. Skip to content /Type/ExtGState ��ֈ�'�}��pAx6��� z���Cjc�"��gᕝ5�,��ukC@X�ò�Ҫu}���]o�S[mf���%�����@BZ The budget projects a deficit of $19.7 billion for the 2010-2011 fiscal year, with deficits continuing until the 2017-2018 fiscal year. Read our, I'm a print subscriber, link to my account. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright - TVO is a registered charity #85985 0232 RR0001 - Copyright © 2020 The Ontario Educational Communications Authority (TVO). The working committee would be responsible for putting in place an accountability structure to ensure that hospitals pulled out of negative working capital position stay on the right track. Get Current Affairs & Documentaries email updates in your inbox every morning. Under the terms of the Canada-Ontario Tax Collection Agreement, Ontario will automatically adopt certain of the 2010 Federal Budget’s initiatives. << As a short-term measure, the Budget provides for a $500 million grant to the PBGF to ensure it has sufficient assets to satisfy claims in the near term. an organization that represents employees under the, an organization designated to represent employees under the, an employee organization as defined in section 1 of the, the Association as defined in section 1 of the, an association recognized under Part IX of the. Furthermore, public sector employers will also face the challenge of negotiating new collective agreements, without new funding to assist with compensation increases. >> Similar restrictions are placed on contract renewals and new hires or positions. As part of its commitment to eliminating the deficit, the Government has proposed a two-year freeze in the compensation structures in the Ontario Public Service and the Broader Public Sector for all non-bargaining employees. … The economic impacts of the 2010 Ontario Budget are sufficiently small that they will not affect our … The Restraint Act exempts from its application employees who are represented by any of the following organizations for the purposes of collectively bargaining terms and conditions of employment related to compensation: Notably, the exemptions also include employees who are represented by any organization that has collectively bargained with an employer terms and conditions of employment related to compensation that the employer has implemented, or who are represented by an organization that has established a framework to collectively bargain with the employer terms and conditions of employment related to compensation. more equitable sharing of the normal cost of pension benefits; linking certain future benefits, such as inflation protection, to plan performance; and. The proposals would amend the Ontario Drug Benefit Act (the “ODBA”) to prohibit drug manufacturers from paying pharmacies and other specified entities professional allowances of up to 20% of the value of the generic drugs sold, a practice which the Government has tied to increased drug prices.

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