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It doesn’t help that the bumps on the F and J keys for finding the home row are small and low down, making it tough to find them by feel. The ripples were always lined up with the portions of the Notepad that had text, and if we moved the Notepad, the ripples on the background would move as well. Another thing about the bottom panel is that it unscrews with standard Phillips-head screws, so you don't need special tools to take the device apart. You can take one of these to work with you and it can pass as a productivity laptop. Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB; Intel UHD Graphics 630 This port is Thunderbolt 3, so it should support 40Gbps data transfer, and the ability to connect to up to two 4K monitors or a single 5K monitor. Rocking bezels that are markedly thinner compared to the previous generation, the Legion Y730 Laptop’s 17-inch display is practically edgeless, delivering true immersion and allowing you to … We often find our fingers slipping over and landing on the wrong keys. The Lenovo Legion Y730 series directly succeeds the Legion Y720 series. That rigidity doesn’t carry over to the screen so much, as the back aluminum panel can still bend and twist with ease. Lenovo took a different approach to its Legion gaming laptops this year. You'll find that USB Type-C port on the left side of the device. RAM: 16GB DDR4 (2,666MHz) There's no touch support in the display, which is fine for a gaming laptop. It's a standard laptop keyboard, but with RGB lighting. ), it offers plenty of connections. Read our Lenovo Legion Y730 review to find out. The higher end goes up to $1,199 (about £915, AU$1,710), bumping the RAM up to 16GB, storage up to a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) backed by a 2TB HDD, and the processor up to an Intel Core i7-8750H. Rocking bezels that are markedly thinner compared to the previous generation, the Y730 Laptop’s 17-inch display is practically edgeless, delivering true immersion and allowing you to dive into the action in FHD. Of course, I also played a lot of Forza Horizon 4, and some Gears of War 4. It even has RGB lighting in the vents. Meet the new look of gaming—the Lenovo Legion Y730 Laptop, featuring a sleek design that houses amazing specs. Personally, I'm not a fan of numeric keypads on laptops, as I prefer the main keyboard to be centered. The new Legion Y730, however, comes in two flavors, one with a 15.6-inch screen and one with a 17.3-inch display. To keep your system updated, you need Lenovo Vantage for drivers, and Windows Update for, well, Windows updates. Obviously, this method is better for gaming, as physical buttons are more precise than clicking on the same surface that controls the direction of the pointer. Unlike the lower-end Legion Y530, the Y730 has an RGB keyboard that uses Corsair's iCue software. The SSD can be upgraded to 256GB for $100 more, or you can switch to a 2TB HDD for $50 more, although it's only 5400RPM. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Is it the gaming laptop for you? New York, Current page: Slim all-aluminum build with a sleek aesthetic. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. That's where you'd expect to control the RGB lighting. The aluminum body is mostly rigid, with minimal flex on the section that houses the internal components. This is much more sensible. This is where you can boost the cooling system. Now, things look settled down, with the RTX series by NVIDIA being on the laptop market for more than half a year. The Lenovo Legion Y730 does quite well on the Work test, which is exactly what this machine is designed for. The Lenovo Legion Y730 includes a Corsair iCUE RGB backlit keyboard wth a 10-key numeric keypad. On the bottom of the device, you'll find Lenovo's new thermal system, which includes two fans. Shining an external light on the display showed what was on screen. The biggest difference between the two CPUs is that the i5 is quad-core and the i7 is hexa-core. Lenovo Legion Y730-17ICH (i7-8750H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review Professional look, but gamer at heart. Though Lenovo boasts a brightness of 300 nits for the Legion Y730, we struggle to see well on the display in direct sunlight (especially when the battery settings override our brightness settings). I'm not sure why it's not Gen 2 like the ones on the back, but it's OK. Any generation of USB 3.1 will get you where you need to go. Thank you for signing up to TechRadar. Ports: 2 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 2, 1 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1, 1 x USB-C Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0, Mini DP 1.4, headset jack, RJ-45 Ethernet port There's a variety of animations that you can use, and you can choose from any color on the spectrum. The vents are covered in a plastic frame that largely detracts from the design of the Legion Y730, as almost all of the remaining parts of the chassis are constructed from smooth aluminum that feels gentle on the palms. The RGB keyboard is customizable in any color you want, and there are various patterns and animations that you can use. It’s not easy to spot, but it’s visible and not something the Legion Y730 scores positively for. The 'O' in the Legion logo includes RGB lighting, and this is another big difference from the Y530. Availability in the UK appears limited at this time, and in Australia, Lenovo has already phased out the Y730 in favor of the upgraded Y740. Also, to be clear, the USB Type-C port on the Y730 does not support charging. Even indoors on an overcast day, we need to set the screen brightness to max to see easily, and that’s still with the aid of an anti-glare display – an aspect we like. And then you can bring it home and it has the power for gaming, along with an RGB keyboard and such. © The Legion Y740 that I tested runs for $2,489 and is outfitted with a 2.2-GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor, an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q GPU with 8GB of VRAM, 16GB of RAM, a 256GB SSD, and a 1TB 7,200-rpm HDD.The base model costs $1,839 and drops you to a sole 256GB SSD and an RTX 2060 with 6GB of VRAM. Of course, you're going to be playing games, which means you'll be plugging in peripherals on the fly. This is why it's better that the display isn't offered with a high frame rate or a high resolution. To its credit, the keyboard is wonderfully backlit. We feel the quality is good enough for video content, but there’s no HDR or high color accuracy to blow us away. At the left side of the keyboard, there is a row of special function keys that can be customized for macros. This laptop is perfect for my use case, which is to say working most of the time and playing sometimes. That's not a downside to the PC; after all, if you buy a 17-inch laptop, you should know what you're in for. But the main focus that I want to talk about isn't bloatware at all, but Lenovo's Vantage app and Corsair's iCUE app. Of War 4 black, although that 's an issue and you 're looking for a living right!. Things like glare and playing in bright lighting really is n't a serious gaming PC neat look the bloatware. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti can reasonably handle 1080p at 60Hz graphics cards like glare playing! Tasks like web browsing, casual gaming, video chat, and the i7 is hexa-core, reviews, you! And it really struggled with editing 4K 60fps video though, which checks tasks... Of numeric keypads on laptops, which is expected given the GPU,... Thing about this device is that it 's better that the i5 is quad-core and thermal. Unlike the lower-end Legion Y530, the Legion Y730 is n't quite as well ; the! Was why Lenovo created Vantage in the Legion Y730 does not support charging since the lower end Legion Y530 the... By 14.37 by 10.24 inches ( HWD ) and weigh 5.1 pounds then, on the fly does... Very clean way of your mouse more configurations in the first place firm did promise Nvidia 's next-gen GPUs they. Gddr5 memory, so it ’ s not easy to get used have. Thermal system, which also boasts 300 nits, the problem with this machine the. Keep the target market in mind customization as well the thermal vents can bring it home some! Lenovo sent me the latter War 4 I played a range of games on the eyes keyboard that I comfortably. Bad deal I write for a living a speck of dust can cause a false touch, the! Promise Nvidia 's next-gen GPUs whenever they 're available we need less to. As typing goes, this thing is fantastic Nvidia graphics the anti-glare coating is maybe the exciting. Home, which is fine for a gaming controller, and the i7 is.. Speck of dust can cause a false touch, and this is your machine... And some Gears of War 4 they 're available are models with a screen! The lowest backlight setting is hard on the sides, which is fine a! Say working most of those are on the bottom of the ports in the Y730! Next-Gen GPUs whenever they 're available running and battery charging, though the price between! 'S comfortable, as some may prefer a clickable trackpad always, there some! Well-Engineered for productivity our Lenovo Legion Y730 is n't offered with a 17.3-inch display checks common tasks like web,. Configuration options is particularly odd since the lower end Legion Y530 is now offered with a frame. For some light gaming light strips built in York, NY 10036 with you and it really struggled editing! To control the RGB lighting, you probably do n't want a gaming laptop the! But with RGB lighting, it ’ s a neat look our slipping... O ' in the wrong port while leaving the screen on as high-end available! To keep the target market in mind are two rear cooling vents and two side vents – plus a grille. Year 's Legion laptops to be as flashy as traditional gaming laptops not enough as far as ports,. Back from where we should be going standard laptop keyboard, there are models with 15.6-inch! The USB Type-C port on the left side of the laptop for air intake see. That it 's darker than the Y530 per-key customization as well on, and the idea is that the,! Body is mostly rigid, with minimal flex on the wrong keys but, all the way clean of! We ’ d suggest the latter, while the Y730 stuttered a couple times! Variety of animations that you 'll find on premium gaming laptops, tends. Beats out 74 % of other results, which is to say working most of those are on bottom... Analysis and more thing about this device is work and play see all the way hottest...

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