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The twitterati also soon joined the debate, mocking the embarrassment and questioning the ministry’s protocols regarding the security of its social media accounts. Carl Schreck is enterprise editor for RFE/RL. The Akula repair program first and foremost entails refueling the nuclear reactors and restoring the hulls of the SSNs. Serious work on Bratsk and Samara likely awaits the completion of Leopard and Volk. Kommersant reported the fire and explosions damaged 430 structures, public facilities, apartment buildings, and private homes. Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu proposed discussion about the modernization and repair of the An-124, saying: In conditions where the demand for transport of super-heavy and large diameter loads in the Armed Forces is growing, resolution of this problem has taken on special importance. General-Lieutenant Konstantin Kastornov commands the Black Sea Fleet’s 22nd Army Corps. Maybe. Russia’s latest military arsenal tragedy is a new chapter in an unfinished book. Its land-attack 3M-14 missile has a range possibly up to 2,500 km. Posted in Defense Industry, Naval Modernization, Tagged Destroyers, Marshal Shaposhnikov, Overhaul, Proyekt 1155, Udaloy. But Pugachevo (GRAU’s 102nd Arsenal) proved a persistent problem; new fires and explosions occurred there in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2018. If 2,000 are demobbing, a roughly equal number should remain to finish the last six months of their draft terms. Alburov valued the entire property to be worth “at least” $18 million. Posted in Civil-Military Relations, Ground Troops, Logistics, Rear Services, Serdyukov's Reforms, Shoygu's Reforms, Tagged Ammo Dump, Ammunition, Arsenals, Fires. A selfie of a naked woman, claimed to have been posted on the Instagram account of the Russian Defense Ministry, has gone viral even though it was up for around 10 minutes according to reports on Twitter and Telegram. Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergey Shoigu is making an official visit to Mongolia today (18 October) at the invitation of his Mongolian counterpart N.Enkhbold. So, off the list. Tagged Aleksandr Dvornikov, Ground Troops CINC, Oleg Salyukov, Promotions, Valeriy Gerasimov. He won’t remain in the Southern MD where he’s been for four years at that rank. It’s not often the MOD site gives figures on troops going into the reserves. Easy to forget how…, Interesting machinations with Dep Def Min Krivoruchko's array of TKKh holding companies, former transport minister…. A grass fire was inexplicably allowed to reach the ammo dumps at military unit 55443 near Zheltukhino in Skopinskiy region, and it ignited munitions in open storage. Other owners of the firm included a woman with the same name as the wife of Senator Yury Vorobyov, and a man named Sergei Matviyenko. ROC priest blesses BMD-4M delivered in January. Happy GRU Day...odd, media coverage mentions nothing about poisoning ex-officers with nerve agents or hacking again…. ¹ President Putin’s ukaz of March 28, 2017 ticked the Russian MOD’s uniformed personnel upward from 1,000,000 to 1,013,628. Kuzbass reportedly received Kalibr cruise missiles during its modernization. It will not to return to operational status before 2023. Besides the massive 1,200-ton gantry crane, the dock has four 60-ton tower cranes. The 35-year-old ship will conduct factory trials in the Sea of Japan. So it’s safe to conclude it’s taking longer and accomplishing less than what’s needed. On September 25, an MOD source claimed it will return in 2021 or early 2022. In 2012, there were two fires with explosions in Orenburg and one in Primorye. Click on the image for a larger table where you can click the links therein. “The luxurious home is registered to the sister of Shoigu’s wife.” In one of 16,000 manned at 80 percent (12,800), draftees are a third. Recall DVZ Zvezda is Russia’s sole sub repair yard on the Pacific Ocean. More likely the latter. Chief, 6th Directorate, Main Personnel Directorate (handles appointments to General Staff, central command and control organs, and higher military educational institutions). The upgraded Shaposhnikov could be a stopgap for a fleet awaiting more new corvettes and possibly frigates. It was rumored the MR regiment would become another brigade but it hasn’t happened yet. Chief, Organization-Planning Directorate, Main Military-Medical Directorate, RF Ministry of Defense. The destroyer is supposed to rejoin the Pacific Fleet’s order-of-battle before the end of 2020. The Northern Fleet’s Leopard arrived at Zvezdochka for repair and modernization in 2011 , with a planned return to service in 2015., :) promotional trick to get more followers .. hehe. Vepr was originally scheduled to rejoin the fleet in 2014, but this was delayed several times. In mid-2019, a Vladivostok news agency reported the repair and modernization of Magadan had commenced at Zvezda in Bolshoy Kamen, although some initial work may have started in 2018. But the Russian MOD and Navy may not have committed to this yet, waiting perhaps to absorb how the process turned out and exactly what it cost. “It’s all clear,” Alburov wrote. Moreover, when it occurs, the MOD can be expected to publicize it widely. Gerasimov’s 65 in early September, and his turnover is more critical and will take more time to prepare. Munitions from other Russian Army ammo dumps were being collected at Zheltukhino, according to Komsomolskaya pravda. (Part I). So the 11th Army Corps has about 4,000 conscripts. Full insight here is lacking, but if forced to make a judgement, it seems very possible the actual manpower of the Baltic Fleet’s 11th Army Corps is lower and the percentage of conscripts in it higher than the Russian MOD would be willing to admit. This website uses cookies. This would provide needed time for construction of new Yasen-M submarines. The shipyard has retooled and re-equipped to support the program, but making changes inside its shops has pushed the completion of the Akulas to the right. In 2016, Zvezdochka’s press-service reported that the shipyard routinely had to begin repair work – dismantling the hull and equipment – while awaiting design documents. A test launch of the new system would be a normal part of combat certification for returning to operational status. Both women have the same patronymic -- Aleksandrovna. One person died and 40 were injured. Interesting rumors about Putin...still laying low in the bunker...hasn't gotten Sputnik-V vaccine although one daug…, Just finished Sakharov's memoirs...fascinating insights into other dissidents, CPSU leaders, bureaucrats, and leadi…. Shoygu confirmed what was reported for VPK in 2018 by one-time officer and KZ journalist Oleg Falichev. That’s 25 percent of 1,075,000 28 percent of 962,950. The Russian language Instagram users were also curious about the reasons for the blunder, asking the MoD: “Have you been hacked?” and “What’s going on?” However, when the picture was finally removed, there were some followers, who demanded the “beautiful girl” back on site. Incoming PM Hassan Diab’s Cabinet includes five women. Just learned that General-Lieutenant Sergey Yudin died suddenly at 59 on June 10, 2019. Mash telegram channel, which was among the first to repost the photo, commented on it, by wondering: “Has the Defense Ministry’s SMM specialist mixed up the accounts? The first Project 885M Yasen-M SSN, Kazan, has been undergoing trials since 2017 and is expected to be delivered in 2020. Russia: 20,582 infected, 378 dead (officially). He claimed Russia’s An-124s received only two percent of funding required for their maintenance, and indicated UZGA had not “mastered” repair of the D-18T, a Soviet-era product made on the territory of Ukraine. Whoever runs the Russian Defense Ministry’s Instagram account apparently forgot to log out before a very sexy Saturday afternoon.

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