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Eventually a straggler darts out from a bush, into some tall grass, knocking the haulms about as it sprints, and Lewis fires until it stops. Suddenly, the people most interested in killing wild pigs were expanding the animals’ territory even faster than the pigs could themselves. Compared with the pigs found on farms and in children’s books, they have thicker hides, leaner builds, longer and darker hair, and sometimes tusks. Animal-rights groups take issue with how many wild pigs are maimed in such hunts, not killed. This invasive species goes by many names: wild pigs, feral hogs, razorbacks, and boars. More than 100 businesses—with equally playful names, like SwineTime and HeliBacon—are currently permitted to offer such trips (though for many, hunting is primarily a sporadic side venture). “They’re running from you,” Potts tells her. “We make this blend of compromise and we do both.” The name of his operation: Last Shadow, referring to the silhouette cast by a chopper—the final thing a pig in the crosshairs will see. So, end pig hunting? And given their prolific breeding, at least two-thirds of that population—upward of 1.7 million pigs—must be killed each year simply to keep the count level. reach out to one of our trusted agents today. They decimate crops, devouring fields of corn, sugarcane, wheat, oats, melons, pumpkins and whatever else they find appetizing, typically leaving farmland too ravaged to reharvest. And he wants to rent a satellite—to see even better, from even higher, where the pigs are and where they’re headed. Consult your state’s fish and wildlife department to get your piece of any available bounty hunts in your area. Earlier, she rode for an hour with a quartet of Long Island teens and didn’t see a single hog. Each year, these hogs are responsible for over $1.5 million in damage by rooting up and eating crops and livestock according to an estimate. The better lights can reach out well beyond 100 yards into the dark. “Thirty years later we’re killing 30,000. In some cases, you can make a substantial amount of money selling the hides of the hogs you hunt to merchants who use them for clothing or other items. Potts lowers the helicopter, and the air parts the grass where the pig is lying. “A lot of hunting groups, research groups, they don’t consider us real. As species go, they’re aggressively invasive and, crucially, prodigious, able to breed at less than 12 months old, producing an average of two five-to-six-pig litters every two years. A recent media report put the total number of feral hogs at a whopping 9 million animals. At least not so far as the sport is generally conceived. And they’ve noticed that the pigs—who over recent decades have become increasingly nocturnal, to avoid human hunters—are adapting to their pursuit, sometimes sending one pig into the open as a diversion while others head elsewhere. An average wild pig weighs around 150 pounds, but it’s not unusual to see triple that. “The customer wants to go hunting; we want to go eradicating,” says Barrett Blume, the owner of one such outfit. Of that there’s no guarantee. Which wouldn’t be such a problem except that wild pigs don’t become a part of their environment so much as they rampage through it. “There are probably a dozen states, including Texas,” says Billy Higgin-botham, professor emeritus of Wildlife and Fisheries at Texas A&M, where “eradication is not even on the table.” The more realistic goal is merely a greater measure of control. “ ‘What’s the helicopter guy’s number?’ ”). It wasn’t until the late 19th century, though, that the real trouble started. The vehicle glides over above-ground pools and unbothered steer and backyards the size of par‑4s, eventually arriving at acres and acres of open field. Bunch of Texans riding around in helicopters, shooting guns. “In 1982 the USDA killed 86 feral hogs” in Texas, says Mike Bodenchuk, a San Antonio–based wildlife biologist. For years now, wild hog have been considered as vermin in most places in the united states of America, and entrepreneurs have found certain ingenious ways to make money off them. Regardless of what you call them, wild pigs have become a huge issue across the United States, especially in Texas. You can also write paid freelance articles presenting your hunting experiences for one of many outdoors publications. World over, the wild pig population is estimated between seven and eight million, of which some 2.6 million could reasonably consider themselves Texans. With no natural predators in the area, these pigs are living the good life. In the 20th century, more pigs were brought to game preserves. His legislation (which passed 141–1) enabled ranchers and aircraft operators to charge for helicopter seats with the express purpose of hunting wild pigs, which in Texas requires no license. However, because of the complicated history of hogs in North America, the terms can be used interchangeably. Note: This item is more than a year old. With helicopters. Hogs were once relegated to California, Texas, and the southeastern United States, but since the 1990s, they have moved into the Northeast and Midwest. “Thirty years later we’re killing 30,000. Some companies make and sell mobile-controlled hog traps the size of studio apartments, with live streaming video. Helicopter tours: there are some entrepreneurs that are taking advantage of the wild hog problem by starting companies that charge customers some money to machine-gun hogs from helicopters, which is not as easy as it sounds. Support for any large-scale effort is hard to garner. Hunting. These will enhance the article, and some publishers would pay you for this. The blowback, though, is real. It’s not unheard of for a farmer to take a $70,000 hit overnight. Someday, though, they’ll understand, as this invasion is spreading. 29 talking about this. Using the products and methods suggested you will get control of Wild Hogs. “In 1982 the USDA killed 86 feral hogs” in Texas, says Mike Bodenchuk, a San Antonio–based wildlife biologist. Under a vivid July sun, Potts fires up the Last Shadow chopper, christened Clarice (as in “Silence of the Hams,” Potts jokes), for a demo run over central Texas. •. Naturally, this bill’s passage drew more attention than usual. . Blume says that Last Shadow kills as many as 1,200 pigs in a quarter. This is actually the least effective form when employed in the traditional way. It was an explosion long coming. They can scale five-feet-high fences or burrow through almost anything they can get their noses under. Guide Service: Hunting guides command substantial fees for a weekend hunt in a private hunting area. The chopper will fly away, only to move on to some other unsuspecting, ground-focused pig. Feral hogs can disrupt entire ecosystems by competing with local wildlife for vegetation or by rooting out seedlings. Starting a Pet Cemetery – Sample Business Plan Template, Starting a Pet Supply Store – Sample Business Plan Template, Starting a Pet Insurance Company – Sample Business Plan Template, Starting a Pet Cremation Service – Sample Business Plan Template, Starting a Pet Spa from Home – Sample Business Plan Template, Starting a Pet Sitting Service – Business Plan Template, Top 10 Pet Based Small Business ideas to Start at Home in 2020, How to Do Due Diligence for Assisted Living Facility On Sale, Duties & Job Description of a Group Home House Manager. Mayer, the South Carolina biologist, believes that real eradication would require eliminating all financial incentive for wild pigs to persist, and as things stand, there’s a mini-economy built around their existence: the chopper companies and night-hunting outfits, the suppliers of specialized hog-hunting equipment, the meat purveyors who buy and sell trapped pigs, the restaurants that serve wild pig dishes, the land owners who lease their land for hunts. Rolf Nussbaumer Photography/Alamy Stock Photo, The biggest contributors to the problem, though, says Higginbotham, were scofflaw hunters. “Feral hog meat is delicious when properly prepared,” he said. Soon, the very things that humans had for so long liked about the animals rendered them an ungovernable nightmare. Privacy Promise/Security Hunters, ranchers and farmers shoot the boars as soon as the set their eyes on them in an attempt to eradicate wild hogs en mass. What must I do to sell meat and/or poultry products to the public? To subscribe, click here. The amount of money you make from these bounties depend on the scope of the program. Usually, these illuminators employ a red or green LED light, as these colors are much less likely than a bright white light to scare off a hog. The same number born in one litter, to one pig, somewhere among the millions not seen. Almost 45 years later the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto scooped up a dozen members of that Cuban lineage for his trip into North America, beginning near modern-day Tampa Bay. In some states, it has been legal to shoot wild hog for some time now, but this measure has not prevented the population of this wild pigs from growing. Meanwhile, previously established populations have exploded. Just go to a corner in the park and start yelling "I AM SELLING WILD HOGS" ! Open all year round with no minimum weight! Some farmers in the state have taken so many hits to high-value harvests, such as peanuts and corn, that they’ve shifted to lower-valued crops, like cotton, which pigs find less attractive. In both cases the idea was the same: Pigs made a perfect mobile food source, and they could repopulate their stock while foraging for themselves. There are also a lot of restaurants in the United States that are willing to pay for these wild hogs so as to cook them for their customers. And might not want to. It was in the latter capacity, in 2011, that he finally grew fed up with the wild pigs that so often munched on his crops. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Yoenis Céspedes’s recent hog-related injury, went viral by jumping into a Twitter debate. Some experts also contend that the chasing and hunting of pigs, on land or by air, will only drive populations back and forth between properties—or, worse, split sounders (as a group of pigs is called) into smaller units that may settle in new areas.

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