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Available options are 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 200% and 300%. Extras: Increased Skill Gain on Lot. This object is especially useful when diving into the Political Career. The street gallery has limited space, so only some of the paintings you want to sell will be placed. At Level 4, Sims gain the “Give Expert Speech” option at podiums, which can give a Confident moodlet when done. Exclusive Swag – The Spice Festival includes an exclusive Swag Stand where Sims can purchase this festival’s exclusive items. A huge family home with luxury Chef’s kitchen, this apartment is the epitome of Uptown chic living. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest news, game guides, tips, tutorials, and original content for EA and The Sims. Schedule: Fridays 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. Sims can trade the following types of items: Sometimes the vendor will not be in the mood to trade. Landlords – Your Sims’ relationship with the landlord directly influences if the Landlord will fix the broken objects in your apartment. • Uptown Cupcake Stall To this day the telescope is maintained and updated by the Barnabassian Scientific Society. During the lower levels of the Charisma skill, make sure your Sim uses the Status Update From Venue and its better equivalences when your Sim is out and about, as they will give you a good amount of followers, no matter how high or low the Charisma skill is. The object can be purchased in buy mode and placed in the world via a Sim’s inventory. The Landlord won't allow this fireplace to be removed or sold. Maybe it's the insulation or maybe the neighbors are very polite. It includes three new careers: Politician, Social media and Critic.The game also features a new world called San Myshuno where new venues (penthouses, art centre, central park, karaoke bar and apartments) are located. Karaoke Bar’s sprightly melodies are in perfect harmony with the songs of the metro train below. Though the exclusive address is reason enough to take this dazzling suite, the upper-level loft and floor to ceiling windows certainly add to the appeal. Each location and festival have unique and exclusive food stalls. Includes the Great Acoustics Lot Trait. Show off your singing skills and woo the crowd! The Limited Edition Plumbob Snow Globe contains a rare plumbob, forged from the heart of the planet. There are two types of basketball hoops and floor panels available in buy mode to create a Basketball Court. Using the interaction to “Attempt the Spicy Curry Challenge” will direct your Sim to come pick up a plate of it. Your Sim can improve the relationship with the vendor and change their mood to increase the chances of successfully trading with a vendor. Other EU, United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia, Turkey, Vatican City (Holy See), Liechtenstein only: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF EA's PRIVACY & COOKIE POLICY ( REQUIRED TO PLAY. Rooftop Treble (Karaoke Bar, 30×20, §84,238) – Let your hair down and go wild at the Rooftop Treble! Needless to say, this will cause your Sims to feel very negatively. The Talking Toilet is a new entertainment and social object that allows your Sims to relieve their bladder and make a friend at the same time. The international food stalls are included in the bunch, which are home to 27 new recipes. Detailed info for each career is available below. They can also serenade other Sims, Sing in Shower, unlock new songs, and license written lyrics on instruments. Many of the interactions needed to gain followers, along with the Ideal Mood, are best performed when they are Playful; however, as your Sim progresses through the career, they will unlock options that require Confident, Focused and Angry moods to perform well. Any Sims who eat this dish run the risk of Death by Pufferfish. This Plaque was erected to mark 150 years of fishery in our fine city. While attending the Spice Festival, Sims can partake in the following challenge: Spicy Curry Challenge – To the side of the festival is a bright red table that holds four plates of Spicy Festival Contest Curry (which is Vegetarian-Safe). The following interactions are available: ❗ Mural objects can also be found in public spaces around San Myshuno. Do your Sims long to leave the suburbs behind? • Chinese Food Stall Bubbles come in a variety of different colors depending on the festival: Spice Festival (Green), Humor and Hijinx (Blue), Romance Festival (Red), GeekCon (Purple), and Flea Market (White). The Performance Space is a new music object that allows Sims to busk with a Violin or Guitar. This one, trapped in a globe, is no different. The following interactions are available on the talking toilets: ❗ There are two versions of the talking toilet in buy mode: The Talking John and Potty Mouth 2.0. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Makes it easier to succeed with romantic interactions and become flirty. • Deepest Plum – Gives Sims a low pitched voice along with a Playful or an Embarrassed moodlet. Makes it easier to get other Sims angry with Mean or Mischief interactionns. “Play Basketball”, “Sing” and “Give Speech” are the new type of activities available when picking club activities in the game. It’s also the most profitable of all the careers provided in City Living. 702 ZenView Apartments (§1,200 Weekly / §4,800 Deposit) – Lot Traits: Quake Zone, Party Place A highly modern two floor apartment in the heart of the Fashion District. The intricate ink work on this poster famously caused it to be delivered after the date of the protest it was supposed to advertise. The Gaming Console is a new interactive object that allows Sims to increase their Motor Skill (Children) and Video Gaming Skill (Teens/Adults). Welcome to San Myshuno! It has the most food carts of all of the festivals which makes it ideal for collecting new recipes and ever changing harvestables. The Daily Task for first four levels is promoting the cause you’ve chosen, which is a friendly interaction under a new Political Career option. Schedule: Saturdays 5:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m. They are placed atop decorative buildings that do not have any limitations beyond their lot size, so you can use them for residential and commercial venues. The Limited Edition Reaper Snow Globe is absolutely to die for. Exclusive Swag – The Geekcon festival includes an exclusive Swag Stand where Sims can purchase this festival’s exclusive items. Includes the Great Acoustics and Natural Light Lot Traits. Reminisce of simpler times and create new memories as you look fondly at this globe in your collection. • Singing Level 7 – Sims can now sing Theater Drama songs on the Microphone, Guitar, and Piano, or by selecting him/her self. Plain white fireworks are also available for purchase at wedding arches. One of the hottest spots in all of San Myshuno. It’s very easy to fulfill, although some Sims may reject the interaction.

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