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When donning the Paradoxical Scale Mail armor, the Yamata-no-Orochi's poison within Issei undergoes a powerful evolution. Azazel discussed with the Four Underworld Lords to give Issei his own title, Satan (as in the particular title, not the leaders as a collective). After his death, Amenominakanushi's soul descends into the depths of Soku, where he must come face to face with unimaginable horrors, his own mentality and the 'final boss' of every evil in Shintoism - Amatsu-Mikaboshi. As a result, Issei's endurance and durability is greatly augmented. Early on he's a bog-standard human with a special ability he can barely use, and displayed incompetence in utilizing demonic power or even flying, and quickly realizes he's, Didn't accept a membership flier from Rias's Familiar at the start of the story? It is both the location and the residence of where the mythological beings, including, but not limited to, Gods and Buddhas, Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, Dragons, Souls, and various otherworldly creatures dwell upon. This allowed Izanami to return to her former self, with her mind and soul now free from Yomi. Never used Phoenix tears before his second fight with Cao Cao? OP Issei in later chapters. In order to bypass this flaw, Issei is able to release massive surges of energy from his body, lessening the strain, but not completely depleting the setback. Later on, after Issei overcomes his anger, the 'berserk' aspect of Issei's being seems to have been vanquished. Don't you get it?! If Issei starts to become overwhelmed by rage or stress, his energy becomes unbalanced, therefore losing the compensation needed to prevent the amount of pressure the form puts on his body. After suffering an inevitable defeat by the hands of the Central Master of Shintoism and being thrown into a black hole, Issei managed to form a plan on how to effectively help the solar deities, call for assistance, and deal with Amenominakanushi himself. This caused the remnant of Issei's soul to merge with that energy and become a being with the same physiology. As for the form's power, because Issei was for all intents and purposes, a black hole, and had also consumed the energies of at least a dozen sun-sized stars, the form is suggested to be far powerful than even his Super Solar God transformation. | Planetary Level (Managed to hold and reflect a planet-sized attack from Amenominakanushi. | High Multi-Solar System level (Even stronger than God Beyond Solar. The armor is also able to sprout out large wings that have the appearance of a universe-like substance. Gram (グラム, Guramu): The Demonic Emperor Sword, and the Sword of the Sun. Trending pages. Immense Godly Power: As the child of Amaterasu, Issei wields a vast amount of godly power. kisses/molests Yubelluna just to make him jealous, being arrested by cops and later sentenced to ten years behind bars, Delta Force-esque team to the Ranger-esque DxD team), Akeno, Asia, and Koneko get him out of this mindset, they're alright with his perverted antics, sometimes outright tells Issei that he'll protect him. his Trianna Rook seems has been deflected by both Sairaorg and Grendel. By drawing his blood, Issei can manipulate the flow of the venom to envelop any weaponry of light. But he learns later on is that the Peerage is meant for support and battle, and start taking his future and Peerage seriously as he wants a team that doesn't shame Rias or her family. After this, the immense amounts of excess energy burst forth from Issei's body, thus causing his rebirth into a being with a more powerful physiology. After being beaten up by Riser during his Rating Game in Volume 2, Issei returns the favor to him at the conclusion of the. Was he fighting someone or something beforehand? Tier: At least 6-C | 4-C | High 6-C | 4-C to High 4-C | 4-B | 5-B | 4-A | At least 4-A | High 4-A | 3-B.

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