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Some are opting to do the hybrid. Steven White: (15:13) He did learn a whole lot. I believe that schools are no different. Please maintain at least six feet of distance from others. We’ve got to get the schools reopened. I’ve talked to students. Speaker 2: (21:26) “I believe the record is showing that we have charted the right path in South Carolina with our deliberate, careful steps forward,” Gov. Anderson District 5, Berkeley County, Lexington districts 2 and 5, Pickens County, among others. That’s the number that we don’t even know where they are, but there’s this other number that we don’t know … They haven’t had any education since March the 16th. 19 school districts began this school year with their classrooms open five days a week. Each day with each person who enrolls in a phase three COVID-19 vaccine trial, including right here in South Carolina, the medical world is learning more and more about three promising vaccines being tested here in the US. Well, you can imagine under current situations, how difficult it is, and how that is being exacerbated. So, as Director Taylor said, it was reported to us initially as a pediatric death with a date of birth corresponding to that. read more, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster (R) and Education Superintendent Molly Spearman gave an update on the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. And they want to go back to school. It’s an honor to be here Mr. President. Almighty God, we come before you today and we give you thanks for another day of life. And so we’re very happy for her. Speaker Lucas: (15:03) I have a vaccine question. [crosstalk 00:42:38] superintendent is obviously not in attendance for this press conference today. No, sir. Governor McMaster: (29:00) The Governor’s not a priority for some people. We’re behind in this state. We got 700 and something thousand students.” Well that’s 10,000 children. You have electric bills. Also the creation of a statewide stockpile of PPE for the future and funds to reimburse schools, colleges, and government agencies for COVID-related expenses. Not mandates, but guidelines and recommendations, suggestions, are known by all. He fought for two years. Governor Henry McMaster: (43:22) © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Thank you, Senator. And let me say, they have been floundering to determine what their education system was going to look like. Those are kids that don’t have an education or they’re getting abused or neglected. Yes, sir. He said there’s no tension between himself and Dr. Bell. Governor, thank you for having me. And we think that’s a measured, targeted rule, and that’s the one that we’re going to stick with. And when I think about disadvantaged students, I have to think about my dad who was severely disadvantaged and disadvantaged today is not having a computer and it’s not having access to the internet and that’s pretty tough. President Harvey Peeler: (11:50) Thank you very much for coming, and we’ll see you next time. … preparation for distributing this vaccine when it arrives. The passion is about nothing other than our children. We understand that, and that’s why we’re doing the things that we’re doing in nursing homes and otherwise. Teachers want that option. Governor Henry McMaster: (43:58) The teachers will be in place every day. We know that no one can eliminate risk, but we’ve learned a lot about this disease and infections since this began, and the American Academy of Pediatricians or Pediatrics has issued grand guidance and insight into the risk and lack of risk in our school system for these young people. Well, the coroners get their information through a different stream than we do sometimes, which can result in an inconsistencies. Speaker Lucas: (21:33) He got a diploma and he got me on the same day, which I want to integrate my dad into a little bit of what I’m going to talk. Governor Henry McMaster: (46:45) South Carolina ETV. A couple of things come to my mind. South Carolina’s economy is returning to normal because people have returned to their workplace, following precautions designed to keep them healthy and working. Today we found out via the Twitter account of the Ohio governor, that Dr. Duwve is going to be leaving DHEC. Stephen White: (22:03) Although we don’t know exactly when the vaccine will be made available in the United States, I want to assure you that DHEC is forging partnerships and following federal guidelines for developing a plan for distributing the vaccine within our state, when it becomes available. Those are children. Yes, ma’am. McMaster said. So, we not only take the report that we received from healthcare facilities and healthcare providers, but we also cross-match it with, as you said, the death certificate. The three Boeing Dreamlifter aircraft arrived in North Charleston on Monday with vital PPE to be used to combat COVID-19 in the state as officials continue their effort to fully reopen the state’s economy. I’ve read that and listen, they make certainly some wonderful points about safety. Everybody has been saying, I got this letter from these teachers’ unions. So what we need to do is take every step at our disposal to see to it that our children get back in their classrooms, where they all want to be, where teachers want them to be, where the district personnel want them to be, and all of us want to be. So it’s not worked. And we’re not doing it if we don’t make sure they go back to school this year. There are ample guidelines for counties and cities who want to have masks. We must give parents the choice. Well, what we are asking the superintendent to do is to be sure that included in any district’s plan is an option for the parents for a five day, face-to-face days in school. In Christ’s name I pray. Not one person. South Carolina Gov. So, the facility entered the information incorrectly into the system. It’s not going to get smaller. With regard to vaccines, as many of you are aware, there has been increasing national attention on the development of three different vaccines aimed at helping to end the spread of COVID-19. That money has been allocated to the superintendent. It’s a very long list. We, just like you, have heard that an improved vaccine could be made available as early as this fall, and we will be ready. Several topics were discussed, including…, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) updated reporters on the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. When were you all aware? That’s their choice. Governor Henry McMaster: (49:32) And I don’t know if maybe there’s an explanation on where there might be some confusion and inconsistency between those. The weaker districts are going to slide even farther behind. Henry McMaster: (04:37) Our current COVID vaccination planning process and timeline will continue to evolve as more information becomes available to us from the federal government. And two, what is the protocol when someone tests positive that may not be in that classroom setting, but elsewhere in the school? I’ve talked to teachers. So I ask you to turn down the volume so we can listen to that still, small voice. SC Governor Henry McMaster COVID-19 Press Conference Transcript July 15, Congressional Testimony & Hearing Transcripts.

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