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endobj SPILL CONTINGENCY PLAN 1. This plans purpose is to help in recovery of after disruption .The plan maximizes effectiveness of contingency operation .It also identifies the activities, resources, and procedures needed to carry out processing requirement during prolonged interruption to normal operations .The file in word format also assigns and provide guidance to designated OPDIV for recovery of . Moreover, a plan template essentially helps in forecasting future risks associated to a certain project, and how the organization intends to shield its interests and itself in case of revenue regression. Plan Templates. %�쏢 In any incident there are a number of functions that have to be fulfilled, usually by different entities. This sample Contingency Plan in Appendix F is intended to provide examples of contingency planning as a reference when a facility determines that the required secondary containment is impracticable, pursuant to 40 CFR §112.7(d). %PDF-1.4 1 0 obj <> The spill contingency plan will be organized with a cover page that includes the following: Title: Dewey-Burdock Project Spill Contingency Plan . 1. As time goes by, you may start working toward coming up with plans for the lower-priority risks. A Guide to the Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting Regulations Updated March 2011 Page 1 of 6 INTRODUCTION This guide has been developed to assist individuals or companies in preparing a spill contingency plan or for reporting spills as required by the Spill Contingency Planning and Reporting Regulations (Regulations). Plan templates help companies and organizations to prepare methods by which they would be able to cut short or prevent financial damages or losses in case a particular does not pan out the way it was expected to. The pollution incident provisions of this plan are consistent with the Emergency Management Procedure (HSEC.PRO.14.01), and as such all respective roles and responsibilities are the same as those identified in the procedure. APPENDIX A - SPILL CONTINGENCY PLAN PURPOSE AND SCOPE: ... Land and Air Protection Emergency Oil Spill Plan at 1-800-663-3456. Title of preparer: TBD . In summary, the plan should aim to facilitate the evaluation of the most appropriate response option according to the situation. What are the probable consequences if a spill does occur? Useful information that should be contained in this section includes: What is the likelihood of a spill occurring? The planning process itself is as important: it serves to raise issues that will likely arise in a response and raises awareness on roles and responsibilities. Preferred waste storage treatment and disposal streams are also one of the key operational factors to consider at this stage of the process. The plan should outline specific procedures to be followed when a pesticide spill occurs, and clearly identify the … The mere existence of a plan is not sufficient to ensure preparedness for responding to an oil spill. Within the strategic policy, preferred response techniques and the allocation of equipment stockpiles should be determined. 2 0 obj Contingency plans prepare your response to an emergency such as a spill. Update and distribute Spill Contingency Plan. This section determines the response strategy to be applied in the event of a spill, and in particular whether the response is to be shipowner or government led as determined by national legislation. If you have to make a contingency plan, templates are easily gettable. endobj stream Maps of the coastal region - showing priorities for protection, illustrating strategies and restrictions, access points, waste sites, etc. x��]o����VQ��md��n�s�w���.�MP'�Ѧ�K}���& ONTARIO REGULATION 224/07. 675/98 – “Classification and Exemption of (2) Spill prevention and contingency … %PDF-1.5 It is BHPB’s policy to achieve and maintain a high standard of environmental performance in conducting its activities. Spill Prevention and contingency PlaNs. Seasonal sensitivity should be highlighted. Should an incident prove beyond the local capability or affect a larger area, an enhanced but compatible response will be required (Tier 2). 4 0 obj <> Top 6 SPCC Plan Templates: (1) Tier 1 SPCC Plan Template; (2) Tier 2 SPCC Plan Template; (3) Oil Spill Contingency Plan and Checklist; (4) Inspection Log; (5) Bulk Storage Container Inspection; (6) Dike Drainage Log. This is a word format sample and shows an executive précis of the NDMA’s plans and measures to tackle monsoon hazards. "�ck�9ow=���ۈ�{��Ǔ��(n8�2g*l��1��������H~�Bg�pBZ�� �)��סx~���h���� Maps of sensitive areas - showing detailed information on the location of amenity and ecologically sensitive areas, seawater intakes, fisheries, mariculture, seabirds and marine mammals, and other resources likely to be threatened. This refers to the ones which have a high likelihood of occurring and would have the most significant impacts. This section should define and develop the standard operating procedures to be followed in the event of a spill. Devising and compiling a contingency plan should follow a logical, four-step progression: Conducting a risk assessment as the first phase of the process ensures that plans are developed in the context of the risks they are intended to address. National plans may in turn be integrated into regional response arrangements covering two or more countries. These plans should be site-specific for storage, transport and mixing areas. Q�K2�ܝ0f��͋R+�Sν��>����F^R5B=8��L!���4�ȱF�D$J(�R�©���鬃�[���f�R�=�� ��L`oJ���֪����]��-P�+xo:Zd}H�W�a7��}C�7AƌC����)���g�� ��.X4b[`:_�(�Y�}no�V��� M��pF���l?�/��h�,P:GgM���0SQ=�+���PQ&��VpYQ��xN/!LY�y�#�~�;��bJd�~�)2���G17�yB�ҭSJK�b��c����������y��0���j�*+6j�N�|���~B�a Vt-����m:�I��?&d�V��4��Q�b�eZ�����qc[rN�. Because the requirements are similar, they have been combined in this single document. These plans should be site-specific for storage, transport and mixing areas. Essentially, this activity revolves around answering two questions: Areas where an oil spill is most likely to occur can be analysed using historical data that may often be readily available. Application. Once areas that have a high probability of a spill occurring have been identified, the magnitude of potential consequences can be estimated. O. Reg. stream These local plans may form part of a larger district or national plan (Tier 3). Consolidation Period: From October 31, 2011 to the e-Laws currency date. Help prevent oil spills and be compliant with the SPCC rule. This can be done by tracking likely movements of spilled oil (using metoceanic data), against the location of, and vulnerability to oil of sensitive resources. This is the English version of a bilingual regulation. The geographic scope of the plan should be clear, as should the way the plan will fit in with others in the tiered response system. ��%��[;�8 �%��������lZ+�̼��p�L���n�ao#l���{(3��:�`��~Yʄ����� 8��;� lI�����MuD�c[ P*��k���� *�,P�$�q�Q /xɴ o)^���q�S�� The information required to allow an accurate evaluation of an incident should be detailed, ie date, time, position, source, cause, amount and type of oil, slick size etc. For example, most spills occur in or close to ports, tend to be small in size and are often the result of bunkering or debunkering operations. Finally, the strategic policy should set out a timetable for training and exercises to maintain and improve preparedness. This contingency plan example is in PDF format. A contingency plan helps in recognizing specific parameters which promise the project would deliver returns on investment. Spills that are small can often be dealt with locally (Tier 1). Oil types likely to be encountered - detailing their properties, persistence, likely fate and effects, suitable response techniques, etc. e3 Plus: A FRAMEWORK FOR EXCELLENCE in ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP RESPONSIBLE EXPLORATION SPILL MANAGEMENT ES-SM-v1.0 Page 151 of 297 Ensure that the corporate Environmental Department reports spills to the 24 hour Spill Line (or equivalent) and obtains confirmation of receipt of spill report. It also finds “cookie cutter” approaches in effective .They insist in risk assessment prior to completion of plan which should be done annually .The plan are divided in the following sections; plan objectives, scope of plan and plan assumption.You can also see Strategy Plan Templates. This helps ensure that the planned response reflects the scale of the particular spill risk.

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