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Jack is in Heaven, enjoying a memory with Sam, Dean, and Castiel before his memory flickers. Dean thanks Lily but finds that while unnoticed by anyone else, Lily suffered a heart attack moments after Jack's resurrection and she quietly sits in a chair and dies. The deity offers Lily another chance to weigh her soul and she does so. Next episode The Spear The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. Byzantium is the 8th episode of Season 14. Anubis' scales determine that Lily will go to Hell upon death and he insists that he can do nothing to change her fate. The Indians put a curse on the land after their reservation had been ravished and destroyed. Byzantium is a City-State in Ancient Greece. Add the first question. Meanwhile, Heaven faces an attack from a dark force, driving Castiel to make an enormous sacrifice to make things right. Airdate The Shadow releases Jack and points out Castiel is already bound to it but he states it would have to wait years, perhaps eons for him to die again. This episode reveals that Nephilim go to the Empty after death. He tells Sam and Dean that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God. In Heaven, Castiel and Duma enter Jack's Heaven but finds it deserted as Naomi appears and tells them that Heaven is being stormed and with what little numbers they couldn't stop it. Sam told Dean and Castiel of it, with them being sad at the untimely end. Next Episode (airs 5 Nov. 2020) Despair. Anonymous, An ok ep, the "fight" sequence was terrible and made no sense tho. Kelly hugs Jack and expresses her love for him before stepping back. Previous episode Dean prays to Castiel and tells him of how they are nearly ready for his part. It's Me, Dean Winchester, How To Win Friends And Influence Monsters, The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Supernatural Professor: Anne Marie DeLuise ... Joanie Pike: Ryan Robbins ... Travis Weaver Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Back in Heaven, Castiel is greeted by Naomi who has returned to normal and thanks him for saving Heaven, even if it was just for Jack. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Lily finally agrees to stay and help. Bugs December 6, 2018 Dean is told by Cass that Sam left and they follow him, worried at what he might do. Jack explains to Kelly about the dark force chasing him and they take cover in the house as they catch up. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. Supernatural 14x08 Sneak Peek "Byzantium" (HD) Season 14 Episode 8 Sneak Peek. With the threat gone, Jack angrily questions Castiel on his deed as he explains that he did it because he made a promise, looking at Kelly who smiles at Castiel and states its because he loves Jack. The Shadow accepts Castiel's deal, as he prepares himself but the Shadow decides to wait until Castiel was truly happy to collect on it since it wanted his end to be painful. In the house, Jack notices something coming and orders his mother to run while he distracts it, but Kelly refuses to leave his side. Episode list The first one – kill a hellhound. On Earth, Lily, Sam, and Dean gather the necessary items for the ritual and place Jack's body on the table. Title: Lily prepares to depart, but Dean begs her to stay and help them so that they won't have to suffer the loss of a child as she did. 14 Castiel is shown resurrecting someone on-screen for the first time since, In order to save Jack, Castiel resurrects him from. Back in Heaven, Castiel receives Dean's message and watches as the shadow overpowers Jack. Anubis implies that Lily knew that helping resurrect Jack would be fatal to her and that her selfless decision to help anyway was what tipped the scales in her favor. 4 of 6 people found this review helpful. Guest stars. Looking at his mother, Jack states that he didn't get enough time with Kelly while she happily tells her son to go and have a great life and she will be waiting for Jack when he returns someday. The girl questions his identity as he introduces himself as her son Jack, the girl transforms into her adult self Kelly Kline and embraces her son. Up next, season 14 episode eight titled “Byzantium” and airing December 6, 2018. Noah was a great villain, probably the best mini villain that appeared on this show. A young girl is playing with her dog Roosevelt before Jack appears. He tells it to release Jack and take him now, as Jack and Kelly watch intently. Jack is slowly dying and resigns to his fate but Dean is not accepting of it and leaves the room. (07 Mar 2019). Jack moves to defend his mother but the Shadow immobilizes him. This time, Lily's soul is determined to be worthy of Heaven. Sam and Dean enlist the help of Rowena to track down a demi-god who feasts on human flesh; the challenge of keeping Michael at bay is proving to be more difficult than originally anticipated. Eduardo Sanchez directed from a script by Meredith Glynn. Danneel Ackles as Sister Jo / Anael. That night, Team Free Will celebrate Jack's return and prepare to go after Michael since the angels provided his location to Castiel and they only need to find Dark Kaia and her spear. Lily finally agrees to stay and help. Returning to the bunker, they pay tribute to Jack by drinking to his name. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Are You There, God? He accepts her gratitude and she offers a reward, she offers the location of the Alternate Michael. After a construction worker is killed by insects burrowing into his brain, Sam and Dean investigate the town's history and find that the new housing development is being built on sacred Indian land.

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