superpowers list

Fox Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a fox. Imperceptibility (other/self) is also known as Aura Negation, Empty Presence, Non-Aura, Non-Presence, Presence Negation, Relative Nonexistence, Undetectability and Undetected Presence. For example, if you want your character to be someone who can fly, that doesn’t mean you’re writing about Superman. Cross Dimensional Awareness – The ability to detect actions and events in other dimensions in the Multiverse. Virtual Warping is also known as Computer God, Reality Programming, Reality Rewriting and Virtual Reality Warping. Drill Protrusion – The ability to drill with some part of your body. Armor (biological) – The armor is alive and/or composed of organic matter. Energy Mimicry is also known as Energy Body, Energy Physiology, Energy State ad Ergokinetic Physiology. Shingeki no Kyojin. An ability to hear things outside of the normal human range. Your existence alone defies logic, time, space and destiny so time users can't do anything to you. Dimensional Transport (Multiverse) – The ability to move from one dimension to another within a Multiverse but not between comic book multiverses. Metafictional Manipulation – The ability to manipulate the line between fiction and reality. Insanity Manipulation (others) – The ability to cause mental illness. Duplication (other) – The ability to make duplicate objects or persons. However, in fiction the two terms are often used interchangeably and this is especially true in comic books. Imagine the thrill of walking through a solid brick wall or one made of impenetrable steel. The agent of power bestowal can be a person has appropriated magic and/or technology from another person. Antimatter Mimicry – The being is composed of antimatter or is a containment unit for antimatter which can be used for various effects. Be it water, fire, lightning, wood, earth, wind, or ice, everything would be under your control! Memory Absorption – The ability to absorb memories. Sponge Anatomy – The character can take on the form and/or characteristics of a sponge. Superhuman Senses (hearing) – The person has enhanced hearing. Desserts could be …, We are living in the times where experimentation is the new normal. Omnilingualism – The ability to understand any form of language. However, as pointed out in the superhuman intelligence entry, those with superhuman intelligence often show low interpersonal and self understanding as a plot device. If you write your story as if your characters can do everything they want without consequences or drawbacks, it would be really dull and so unrealistic that your readers can’t relate to it. Mummy Anatomy is also known as Mummy Physiology. Puzzle Manipulation – The ability to manipulate puzzles at a superhuman level. This same list of superpowers is also known as Turtle Body, Turtle Form, Turtle Mimicry and Turtle Physiology. Imagine how cool it is to use such a powerful form of martial art. good luck. Shape Shifting is also known as Biological Alteration, Biomorphism, Changing, Copying, Inclinkinesis, Megamorphing, Metamorphing, Metamorphosis, Morphing, Morphological Being, Nanomorphing, Omni-Mimicry, Polymorphing, Self-Transmogrification, Self-Transmutation, Shape-changing, Shapeshifting and Shape-shifting. Zenker, Gary (2013). Similar to which may or not involve visual input, which is limited to a few seconds in the future and which depends on physical contact. Power Bestowal (persons) is also known as Ability Bestowal, Ability Dealing, Ability Distribution, Ability Granting, Power Dealing, Power Distribution and Power Granting. Molecular Combustion (self) – The ability to make your body or parts of your body explode. Acrobatics. Pig Anatomy – The character has the form and/or characteristics of a pig. Demon Anatomy is also known as Daemonium Physiology, Demon Mimicry, Demon Physiology, Demonic Mimicry, Demonic Physiology, Devil Mimicry, Devil Physiology, and Devil Trigger (Devil May Cry). It is you, soaring like a pro in the high skies! Sound Manipulation (scream) – The ability to generate vocal sounds of a higher amplitude than a normal human and/or create other superhuman effects. The list of superpowers identifies and defines abilities, sometimes considered extraordinary or miraculous, that transform into super powers. This same list of superpowers is also known as Enhanced Feeling, Enhanced Touch, Somatic Senses, Supernatural Touch, Super Touch and Supernatural Haptics. Suit Manipulation – The character wears a suit that makes the character superhumanly powerful. So gorge on your favourite food, without even thinking twice and hey, you can still be the next size zero model! The most obvious example of someone who controls a dragon would be a dragon rider but there are other more subtle and limited examples of controlling a dragon. 10. It’s not good to portray your superhero characters without emotions. Aura Perception is also known as Aura Perception, Aura Sense, Aura Sight, Aura Vision, Ecto-Vision, and Kirlian Eye. Matter Ingestion – The ability to consume many sorts of matter without any ill effects on the user.

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