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I think if your parent is okay with it then you can really be any age. Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts Teen, 14 years old written by skrattarduforlorardu July 6, 2019 Flag as inappropriate  Executive Editor, Ratings & Reviews | Mom of two Senior Editor, Social Media and Learning Resources | Mom of one I don't have a private account and neither does most of my friends. This is the reason that many people are searching about Aaayyyaaaa_ Profile. Her profile doesn't have any identifying information, but I'm trying to determine how location info might be exposed by this app. Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts Well known on TikTok as Torvas, he is a creator best known for his POV acting videos featuring relatable subject matters. I actually have my privacy settings super low, my friends are usually my real life friends, classmates and family, it's a great app. There's huge enticement to get famous, which could encourage kids to do things they wouldn't normally do to get a larger audience. But there’s also a lot of creative, funny, and entirely age-appropriate stuff, too. Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts On TikTok'memes die faster than Behind the Meme and PewDiePie's most powerful attacks combined. Kids section is the other one. Only if you have not provided the lessons which will allow them to deal maturely with others. It's just an app for creative photography, dance, beauty hacks and much more. And is it true that if the account is inactive for 6 weeks the account will be deleted automatically? Wow, the future is now old man. Sometimes you see 7-10 year olds on the app, and I don't think that should be allowed. Flag as inappropriate  Flag as inappropriate  If you supervise your kids and stick to songs you already know from the radio, TikTok can be a kid-friendly experience. It seems to me that the only way a user could share their location would be by literally saying in their profile bio "I live in Los Angeles" or something. thank you for your help. Flag as inappropriate  but i love tiktok dudes y u do dis Healthy Media Habits Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts Birthplace Guam . Does anyone know about this? this app is not for kids under the age of 13, All the songs and Dances are just....I do them myself but I wouldn't want Kids to see my Tiktoks, and most of the Tiktoks on there are highly offensive and innaproprate so I Advise to never let your Child On tiktok Flag as inappropriate  Big Kids (8-9) Flag as inappropriate  Aaayyyaaaa_ (born April 24, 2007) is a American tiktok star, model, and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Teen, 14 years old written by skrattarduforlorardu July 6, 2019 I hope that we can set a precident for us to have shared accounts, so she knows that I can always get in and monitor the activity. Teen, 13 years old written by Hot.potatoez July 23, 2020 Youtube has some pretty bad stuff, and tik tok does too. I have used Tik Tok since it was musically and it has really changed for the better. I personally don’t think that TikTok is bad. Flag as inappropriate  I’d rather arm my kids against the haters now rather than send them out into the world oblivious and unequipped to deal with negative feedback. Flag as inappropriate  It will happen because children are not allowed to share videos on TikTok – it goes against the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. TikTok is everywhere. Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts I just felt left out, kids would mock me, and kids despise that feeling. You can set the account to private which will only allow friends to contact them using the app or see any videos they upload.

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