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See who I recommend near you. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, Must be lifted to navigate even slightly uneven surfaces like thresholds, Are walkers with wheels at the bottom of each leg. But (sorry to be a killjoy) we’d again recommend consulting the manufacturer before you do anything outside of the ordinary when assembling a baby walker. Besides the obvious style and cost factors, here are a few things to consider: Often people wonder, as they or their loved one ages, whether it is time to acquire a walker. A walker can help the rising process and is a better support for preventing falls. When you are standing up straight, your walker hand grip should line up with the crease in your wrist. They have a tighter turning radius and can be folded to fit through narrow doorways. You should not be touching the front bar. Thick carpet and padding also make it more difficult to push and maneuver manual wheelchairs and walkers. Well, probably not… I mean, for anyone trying to move something with wheels, it will always be. A lot has changed for us since our youngest was a baby and one of the biggest changes is that we’ve moved house. Our highly-trained staff is waiting to hear from you every weekday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 EST. Some suggest adaptations you can make to make it a little easier for babies on carpet but again, refer to the assembly instructions you get with it. Most of them are designed to carry items for you while you deal with only the walker or rollator. Personally, I don’t think this a particularly great design as far as baby walkers go. Tracy M. Lv 5. Four wheeled walkers should include brakes to make it easier to slow and stop. The cost for a basic commercial-grade carpet is very reasonable, about $15-20 per yard installed for a simple 20 to 26 ounce carpet, glued down without pad. Carpet Cost – How Much Should I Spend on New Carpet for My Home? Hey, we all need a guilty pleasure. Best Carpet Choices for the Elderly or Disabled? The rubber wheels are very abrasive and tend to roll the carpet in front of the wheels causing the carpet to stretch-out and develop wrinkles quickly. Sometimes using no padding at all is a wise choice! But a look at multiple products shows some are better than others and with all of these, there were suggestions of people using them successfully on carpet. Non-wheeled walkers can be cumbersome and difficult to use. We’ve used Pampers nappies since day 1 with Oliver… we used Pampers Micro fit nappies initially (Oliver was 5lbs 9 at birth) and then New Baby nappies. Some active people may skip using their walker indoors or for short trips because it slows them down. So here are the notes we compiled from our research into the best baby walkers for use on carpet. With smaller looking wheels though, I was curious as to how this baby walker might perform on carpet. It will get caught on uneven surfaces such as thresholds or high pile carpet if not lifted. Here is a brief overview of the main types: Walker accessories make your life easier. There are safety stoppers on this product which a user in the reviews suggests you can remove to make it easier to move on carpet. There are several factors that go into buying a walker. More recently, we switched to Pampers Active Fit…, I’ve just returned from a long weekend in the Peak District, staying at Darwin Forest Country Park, with my husband, baby son and (for 2 nights at least) also with my Mum and Step Dad.…, I spent hours and hours researching staged trikes in October and November last year. As people age, core strength and balance deteriorate. Of course, the main interest for me was whether or not this baby walker would work on carpet or rugs. This can lead to a higher chance of falling. Most people are provided a walker by their insurance company or Medicare/Medicaid, but that does not make it their best option. Three wheel rollators are great for those who need to navigate tight spaces. You may need a special petite walker, or walker leg extensions. Users comment that their babies have used this baby walker successfully on carpet. Some walkers can put undue pressure on your baby’s muscles. Walkers with front wheels are better equipped to accommodate uneven surfaces. Of course, how well any baby walker, the Fascol included, performs on carpet will also come down to: So it’s not all down to the walker. A thick carpet pile and thick padding are the absolute worst options for anyone who is unstable walking, using a walker, a wheelchair or a power-chair as it increases the chances of tripping and falling. Look for brands like Mohawk or Shaw for the lowest cost. Three wheel rollators, however, cannot accommodate a seat. One Small Human contains affiliate links for, Alternatives to Fresh Cut Flowers this Valentine’…, How strong the baby is or how well he or she has been able to get around in the walker so far, 7 height settings – a massive improvement on the three you typically get with many popular baby walkers, 8 wheels – double the number of most of the walkers we’re talking about today, 360 degree wheels which should hopefully make a baby walker a little easier to use on carpet, Can be used as a rocker or a baby walker depending on baby’s size, Interactive tray table with music and lights, Quirky and unique Mickey Mouse inspired design, Wipe down cleaning for much of the baby walker. With four wheels on the ground, they roll easily and can move as quickly as needed. Your email address will not be published. easier on a smooth surface than a carpet. If a resting area is important to you, you should be considering a four wheel rollator. This can ruin even the highest quality carpets. The most important part of owning a walker is your constant use of it. The baby walkers allow kids to move at a fast speed. I headed for the. If you do not choose a rollator/transport chair, it is important to be aware that the seat of a traditional rollator is ONLY for resting, not for being transported. Will my daughter be able to still use a walker on carpet? And if you happen to be someone whose baby is using a great baby walker on carpet and it isn’t in this list, please do let us know so we can add it! Basically, the shorter the carpet pile the better, and the thinner the pad the better!

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