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He's an idiot for that, but he does mean well." Murayama's kendo uniform was gone and in its place was a strapless dress made of pure shadows that showed off her impressive breasts and went down mid-thigh along with a small black crown that was also made of shadows. Xuelan needed a fun opponent and although he could only sense was happening, he imagined Xuelan was enjoying herself. As such, he is the direct rival of Issei Hyoudou and Ddraig. I HATE PERVS. I can't exactly date somebody if I don't know who they are. "The problem is that her Balance Breaker gives her a power boost in exchange for becoming closer in nature to Yamata no Orochi." How his buddies haven't at least questioned what was going on was beyond him. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. When she saw the picture she was as stunned as anybody. "You've got a nice ass and you did say to satisfy you" Issei shrugged as he grabbed a hold of it once more with his right hand. But it's one thing when it's Lady Vali or Rias Gremory. Vali revela en el Volumen 7 que tiene un ligero fetiche por los traseros de las mujeres (en contraste con el fetiche eterno de Issei por los pechos de las mujeres), dando lugar a que Odín lo llamara (y, a su vez, también a Albion) Dragón Emperador de los Traseros (ケ ツ 龍 皇 Ketsuryūkō). The final girl was the most eye-catching with long black hair with split bangs and hazel-gold eyes that seemed to hypnotize you. Issei smirked. I don't own DxD; I just use its characters and techniques. After giving the teacher a fake note, he sat down in class nonchalantly hoping to avoid any headaches. Katase joked raising her hand into the air. One of his Sacred Gear's powers is the ability to teleport so he could save his people instantly hence our current situation." "Why did you smell like Raynare when you arrived at school?" Yuuma Amano is a fallen angel and she's going after Issei" Katase said nervously as she stood in front of her master. Murayama said with a dark voice. Vali strongly believes in his own strength. "Yeah yeah" the person said with boredom as they got up. Unfortunately as his kiss with Katase continued he felt a pair of breasts press against him causing him to stop his kiss. "Yeah Mury I don't see it" Katase said calmly as she looked at Issei's back and saw nothing. "Uh Oh!" His surprise came in the form of Arthur Pendragon, Le Fay's older brother and Vali's knight. Only a moron would fall for this trick. "No way!" Katase revealed causing Issei's eyes to widen. He'd die either way but if he wanted to stand a chance, fighting him was a bad idea. Xenovia shouted before leaping towards Siegfried with her blade ready to strike. She was also one of Kuoh's Triad the three prettiest girls on campus. "Anyway Issei, the guy in the armor is Bikou and he's Son Goku's descendant. Issei smirked. "Issei was right. "You really are something" Cao Cao chuckled appreciating Issei's nonchalance. "Not so fast Jeanne" Murayama smiled having moved in front of Issei to block the attack with her serpents blade out and ready. "Well that was easy. Georg why don't you start things up and then have fun with that little valkyrie." Jeanne wondered. I could barely walk and I had to use one of my swords to numb the pain." Now it was Issei and Cao Cao all alone. "Welcome Gremory group. I know that they want him, but it's not only them as well as myself. I'll be walking funny for a day thanks to that." I'll try to finish the next chapter soon but at least you have some fun. It seemed as though things were about to get really interesting. Just as they wished, a beautiful woman appeared from the window with a solemn look on her face. She may not have reacted as emotionally as her friend but she agreed that this wasn't the way to go. "That's a funny thing to say Raynare. "You realize I could've dealt with that myself." Normally he'd be thrilled to be here with a cute girl but since their last date ended with him trying to kill her; he had to be cautious this time around. "Ironically I think he did it because he didn't want us to fight. Her sizes are B70-W60-H65." I'm glad you could make it." Just like you have the ability to transfer some of your power to other people, my queen piece has somehow gained the ability to absorb power from people I sleep with who possess evil pieces.". He noticed somebody was sitting there with spiky brown hair but that was all he could see. It's not every day you have a battle between two battle hungry fighters where neither party needs to hold back." "That's right so what should we do about all of it" Issei wondered. Issei said with intrigue. "It was a nice trick but I knew you'd use Issei to distract me. Normally he'd enjoy it as well but this was a serious time. They couldn't beat Siegfried with two blades so with his new ones that would be over. "So why am I here Yuuma" Issei said sternly. 'I'm pretty sure it's because they want confirmation that I'm here, Ddraig. "Thanks Azazel" Issei smiled as he walked through the door. Come this way" Vali growled slightly as she got up and opened the door that was in the back of the room. He expected more tears and anger from the pair but they were almost happy for him. "Now if you don't mind, I have lunch to eat." Irina was out for the count and so was Xenovia. However he would worry about that later. Vali groaned since the plan had failed, "Fine we can close it. "Here we are at the park, the final stop of the day. The girl seemed to freeze for a bit since I caught her off guard but soon replied, "My name is Yuuma Amano and I'm a second year from Seikouji Academy, I know it's far away but I couldn't get into Kuoh or Angel Academy otherwise I'd be there. Well, there's a first. A guy wearing glasses stated. It's me Valerie, and so Azazel doesn't kill you, I'll give you and whoever was forced by Kokabiel's hand a place in my peerage. Issei Hyoudou was known as the Red Dragon Emperor and he was a target of the two girl's master. "Challenge accepted" Issei replied with a savage grin. The question now is what are we gonna do.". Sin embargo, yo, que soy pariente de sangre del Lucifer real y también soy el Dragón Efímero. Vali asked. "Hey Issei what's with the tattoo on your back." Riser will make his move soon and if you want to get him ready you'll have to make Issei a devil soon." After all he was well aware of just why the peephole had been left alone. Vali is a devil issei's in her peerage. I'll show you around town." "You've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we fought." The question is who' Vali thought to herself. In the blink of an eye she had a small rapier in her hand ready to attack an otherwise calm Issei who didn't react even as she aimed a slash at his head. My recent mistakes have annoyed me to the point that I'm gonna rewrite the story. It's a shame you don't wear the uniform like Rias and the others because it would look pretty nice on you." Vali es el bisnieto del Rey Demonio Lucifer, siendo el un descendiente de los Antiguos Reyes Demonios. He didn't mind since Raynare was fairly attractive human form or otherwise but this seemed too easy. Then again he shouldn't be surprised. "Well I can still do that if you want to" Issei smirked as he managed to contort his body around so he could share a makeout session with Katase while not waking up Murayama. Yuuma grunted as she spat a little bit of cum out from her mouth cum still all over her body. Vali told Albion through their mental connection. The battle between Siegfried and Irina was a matchup of bladed warriors and rivals. She must really suck at this' Issei thought to himself. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she was using Balance Breaker." Issei replied deciding not to defend himself. Please take this option. Issei told us about it when he was giving us the highlights of your little threesome with Kiryuu's sister." "This is the arcade. The worst part was the last three times he used the boosted gear for added effect. Follow/Fav Vali DxD. The moment Murayama found a large enough area she stopped and smiled with Jeanne not far behind, "How lucky for me. "You're a heartless bastard you know that." "So there you have it Jeanne, how about we go this way." "I see" Issei replied since he didn't expect there was so much going on behind the scenes. Issei said with a smile on his face. My recent mistakes have annoyed me to the point that I'm gonna rewrite the story. "Fine by me." "Sorry Lady Vali, we couldn't get a hold of Issei again" Murayama groaned as she walked into the room. Waiting for the others to finish." Su Juggernaut Drive esta completo y puede entrar y salir de la Ímpetu Imparable a placer durante poco tiempo, ya que usa energía y poder magico, en vez de fuerza vital (lo contrario de la Juggernaut Drive de Issei). Issei smiled. Yes I was planning to make you into my servant, willingly, of course. Issei Hyoudou and his two buddies found themselves relaxing in front of the Old School building of Kuoh Academy. Rias wondered referring to the two girls. "Fine" Ddraig huffed. The fact that they stay under the ORC clubroom so often is far too much of a coincidence for my taste' Vali replied nervously. "Yes" Issei replied calmly not wanting to hold back his laughter. So yes, I'd be happy to.". While Issei was completely calm, Matsuda and Motohama were pissed. ", Vali Luifer contra Issei, ambos en modo Balance Breaker, Vali mostrando su alas de demonio en estado de balance breaker, El contenido de la comunidad está disponible bajo. Why were these two so happy you ask? "I won't do that but I will punish you for letting your power take control of you." I don't see the problem" Rias said nonchalantly. You can't be serious." "And I wonder why that might be. Siegfried smiled causing Irina's eyes to widen. "Yes I know Valerie but I can't exactly approach one of the perverted trio in school. The only spear involved right now is yours and I do hope you can at least satisfy me." Albion acknowledged. Jeanne growled before following. "Coming from you, that's a compliment." I'm going to go say hi to her." I'm surprised you didn't know about any type of Balance Breaker." A part of him wanted to use Gift of the Hydra so he could remember what Katase told him but showing off too many tricks wouldn't be wise. "Come on in" the person replied as his smile quickly turned to a frown. Jeanne gasped before she gathered her surroundings and realized her boss and Issei were standing next to each other and not fighting. "Alright, in a day, we'll take Asia out, and then the same night, we'll extract you and your two friends. "If it weren't for the fact, we were about to have a major battle here, I'd really enjoy this scene." Issei smiled. At first Issei assumed Ddraig was his imaginary friend but after plenty of persuasion and a series of events around him, the gear officially awoke and their friendship began to flourish. Vali tiene un gran parecido con su abuelo Rizevim Livan Lucifer. "Honestly I was just hoping to speak to you myself" Vali replied whimsically. "What's the matter? Issei asked. Murayama Kirishima was a young woman with brown hair that she kept in a ponytail with light green eyes. Ese es el propósito de Ophis, y ... mi objetivo a derrotar" (Refiriéndose al Dios Dragón "Great Red"). Whether Issei wants to or not. I'd rather be hanging out with Aika than you two, and for good reason." Jeanne admitted bitterly. "Kiba's power allows him to create blades out of nowhere. Issei says. A week into the school year, Issei noticed that somebody was following him home.

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