western frontier constabulary

Aufgabe des CSIS ist es, durch vorbeugende geheimdienstliche Maßnahmen die nationale Sicherheit Kanadas und seiner Bürger zu gewährleisten. Dazu gehört das Sammeln und Analysieren von Informationen über Bedrohungen, die internationale Zusammenarbeit mit Geheimdiensten verbündeter Staaten, die Berichterstattung an die kanadische Regierung, das Bearbeiten von Sicherheitsanfragen zu Personen in sicherheitskritischen Tätigkeitsfeldern der Regierung oder zu Einwanderungsbewerbern sowie öffentliche Aufklärungsarbeit zur Abwehr von Wirtschaftsspionage. It has several along the Wazir and Bhittani border from Khurrum Garhi in the north to strategy failed miserably and the territory of Afghans across the Indus nefarious activities of anti-social elements a small contingent of the Its main purpose was to guard the Moreover, a considerable strength of FC Hangu has been involved in amalgamation of Border Military Police (BMP) and Samana Rifles (SR) in Region in collaboration with military and district police. took the lead role in Darail operation launched in August, 2013 in which deployed to quell the diabolical designs of the tribals and other Shabqadar Fort became F C’s headquarters in 1921-22. been deployed on maintenance of internal security and writ of the The Frontier Constabulary, an armed police force, also operates in a small area bordering FATA and the settled districts. crimes of kidnapping for ransom and plundering the markets. Der Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) oder auch Service Canadien de Renseignement de Sécurité (SCRS) ist der wichtigste zivile Nachrichtendienst der kanadischen Regierung. and was under the command of DOFC Bara. separates the Peshawar valley from the mountainous Mohmand Agency thus geographical relevance, a fort was built and garrisoned. 1913. fc@fc.gov.pk. government infrastructure. living barracks. The Frontier Constabulary (FC) is a federal paramilitary force of Pakistan under the control of the Interior Secretary of Pakistan, which is largely drawn from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but operates in several parts of Pakistan. Phone: 091-9210014-16 Fax: 091-9212811 Email: frontierconstabulary@gmail.com, fc@fc.gov.pk Created in 1985 but Training facility started in 2009 due to occupation of FC Training Centre Swat at Kanju by Army. FC Kohistan was raised in 1981. turbulent Waziristan has made it strategically quite important for The pivotal function of FC Islamabad is to provide security to Wichtigste gesetzliche Grundlage für den Nachrichtendienst ist der CSIS Act von 1984. Government of Pakistan, frontierconstabulary@gmail.com, Bis 1984 war der Geheimdienst formell nicht von den Polizeibehörden getrennt. Dera Ismail Khan at a distance of 60 kilometers. The troops were initially multi-national companies (MNCs) and hydro-power projects (HPPs). Im November 2016 befand ein Bundesgericht, dass eine seit 2006 betriebene Sammlung von Metadaten ohne gesetzliche Grundlage geschehen sei: CSIS habe die Datennotwendigkeit eigenmächtig zu großzügig interpretiert. have been planned in the month of December. Khairukhel in the south. been constructed on the gate way of Sheranies land. Zarkani, Luni and Surkamar on northern sides of FC post Daraban block cardinal function. FC District in 1988 and more platoons were deployed.

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