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2956) establishing the Western Riverside County Wildlife Refuge. Steele Peak is a reserve comprised of lands owned by the Bureau of Land Management and the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency. The 347,000 acres of public and quasi-public lands already set aside as habitat are at the heart of the Western Riverside County MSHCP. The remaining 150,000 acres are to be acquired, one-third, by the state and federal governments, and two-thirds from private landowners through the WRCRCA. The Motte Rimrock Reserve is affiliated with the University of California, Riverside. Also observed on site are over eighty-five bird species. Establishing the Western Riverside County Wildlife Refuge will also enable us to build new roads and critical transportation infrastructure necessary for our region’s future by mitigating for impacts to species.”, “I support Rep. Calvert’s Wildlife Refuge Bill to establish boundaries for a new wildlife refuge and protect existing wildlife in Western Riverside County by investing in projects designed to minimize the impact that new developments have on precious species,” said Rep. Takano. Habitats include mixed Conifer and hardwood forest, Montane Chaparral, Montane Riparian forest, rapidly flowing mountain stream with manmade reservoir (Lake Fulmor) immediately downstream. Rep. Calvert in May 2019 sponsored H.R. Today, Congressman Ken Calvert (CA-42) introduced legislation (H.R. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is a 1,500 acre park & one of eight protected core reserves designated by the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency for the Federally-listed endangered Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys stephensi). Fax: (951) 277-0420, COVID-19 Resources for 42nd Congressional District Constituents. Many plant and animal species call the reserve home, including more than 16 listed as sensitive, threatened, or endangered species. The trails offer amazing views of the city, chances to see native plants & wildlife, great birding opportunities –all just minutes from downtown! WRCRCA supports the consolidation of the current checkerboard conservation lands into a Wildlife Refuge creating a framework for the federal government to meet its obligations under the MSHCP Implementing agreement. 82502. Fr, Look Out for our October #SpeciesoftheMonth, the m, Help Us Protect WESTERN Riverside County’s Open Spaces, Evandel Bergstein and Evandel Wilson Acquisitions, Oak Valley/San Timoteo Canyon Acquisition. Several of these areas are open to the public. Due to its designation as an ACEC, there is no public access. Creeks draining the plateau contain deep holes, which hold water throughout the summer months and provide an important water source for wildlife. Sycamore Canyon is a nature reserve owned and managed by the City of Riverside. Improvements are ongoing. 2956, to establish the Western Riverside County Wildlife Refuge was advanced by the House Natural Resources Committee. The state wildlife area is located east of Temecula and southwest of Lake Skinner. The Southwestern Riverside County Multi-Species Reserve. Established in 1962, the 4344-acre reserve encompasses a 5-mile reach of the Santa Margarita River, the longest protected coastal river in southern California and a variety of agricultural and upland habitats. Observed fauna include: Mule Deer, Kangaroo Rats, Hawks (Cooper’s, Red-tailed, and Red-shouldered), American Kestrel, Western Scrub Jays, Wrentits, Hutton’s Vireo, California Thrashers, Rattlesnakes (Red Diamond and Southern Pacific), Orange-throated Whiptail, Coast Horned Lizard, and a variety of butterflies, including the California Sister and Lorquin’s Admiral. The MSHCP is a wildlife preserve that provides habitat for 146 species of plants and animals. Hidden Valley Wildlife Area is located along the Santa Ana River. An inland type of Coastal Sage Scrub covers most of the reserve, with other areas supporting Chaparral, Coastal-desert Transitional Grassland, and Riparian Thickets. A cold spring on the adjacent land gives rise to freshwater seeps and an intermittent stream. San Jacinto Wildlife Area/Lake Perris Reserve. Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge is one of the gems of the South Cascades. “Riverside County is now one step closer to being home to a new wildlife refuge that would help it balance its commitment to conserving animal habitat with its need for future growth,” said Rep. Calvert. However, the RCHCA recognizes the importance of allowing for public access and is working on a public access plan for this Reserve. The Lake Mathews area is an important bird resting and feeding site, particularly in the winter months. The Santa Margarita River officially begins at the northeastern boundary of the Preserve, at the confluence of Temecula and Murrieta Creeks. It is the first state wildlife area to utilize reclaimed water to enhance its wetlands. If you notice any activities that could damage our precious environments (illegal dumping, unauthorized motor vehicles, hunting), please feel free to report it here or by calling (951) 637-6981. Home / Habitat Conservation / Existing Reserves. Whether you hike, bike, or just stroll, the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park’s trail system is a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful natural environment within the City of Riverside! 2956 will enable the U.S. 2956 will enable the U.S. SMER is a Research Field Station of San Diego State University and the San Diego State University Foundation. The area serves as an important habitat for migratory birds. The James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve is part of University of California’s Natural Reserve System. About RCACurrent AgendaConservationDevelopment, Contact usPhoto GalleryMapsDocument Library, MonitoringManagementVideosSB 272 CatalogSpecies of the Month, (951) 955-9700(951) 955-8873info@wrc-rca.org3403 10th Street, Suite 320Riverside, CA 92501, Copyright © 2019 Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority, Business Hours: Monday to Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Thanks to the MSHCP, another phase of the #Clinton, You might have heard one of these little birds whi, Do you think kangaroo rats hop or jump across the, Today is National Make A Difference Day!⁠ Potrero Area of Critical Environmental Concern. James San Jacinto Mountains Reserve is located on an alluvial bench situated at the lower end of Hall Canyon, a steep, western flank of Black Mountain. Oak Woodlands and Coastal Sage Scrub habitats are found on the reserve’s lower and gentler slopes. “It’s our responsibility to ensure that our region maintains a thoughtful conservation plan for generations to come.”, “As our region’s economy and population continue to grow, it’s important to ensure wildlife conservation efforts remain a top priority,” said Rep. Aguilar. The MSHCP is a wildlife preserve that provides habitat for 146 species of plants and animals. “As we move forward, it’s critical that all stakeholders, including the federal government, meet their conservation responsibilities to ensure the successful implementation of our planning efforts, including vital transportation improvement projects.”. It is part of a large forested “sky island” and a jewel of biodiversity. We provide non-toxic and humane wildlife removal in Riverside County, Ca. This legislation would: Phone: (202) 225-1986 This reserve is not open to the public but the adjacent Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park, owned and operated by Riverside County Park and Open Space District, is. The 715-acre reserve protects critical habitat for a variety of animals, including two federally listed species: the endangered Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat and the threatened California Gnatcatcher, plus ten more rare animal species. Within these lands, tens of thousands of acres are designated as habitat reserves. The park is also home to nearly 100 other plant & animal species that have been classified as rare, sensitive, threatened, or endangered. RIVERVIEW WILDLIFE REFUGE. This legislation would: Phone: (202) 225-1986 Establishing this land as a wildlife refuge will ensure public access and enhanced recreation opportunities for the entire region. Established in 1962, the 4344-acre reserve encompasses a 5-mile reach of the Santa Margarita River, the longest protected coastal river in southern California and a variety of agricultural and upland habitats.

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