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Wow, am I glad I found the true church, the Catholic Church 9 years ago. The Catholic Church recognizes no marriage except one man and one woman, for life and open to life. I was so confused with the different teachings in the “Protestant”, evangelical, Bible-believing, churches that I attended, and who contradicted each other in so many ways. ‘I’m checking them before even reading scripture or engaging with God,’ he candidly confesses. 3. 2) claims ability to forgive sins (blasphemy according to Jesus) and gives others authority to do so What is Mark saying to us? ***It’s extremely important to note that the only person this guy views favourably or doesn’t accused of being a total heretic is John MacArthur. Communion”. Judah Smith Preaches Live On 'The Today Show' Preacher Judah Smith used his opportunity on live TV to preach a message of hope to the masses. Since some that you have named are NOT false teachers, you make people cast doubt on those who really are. I challenge you to prepare and post “Your” favorite Biblically correct (All the time) preachers and give us laymen a chance to rate them! Crazy because he seems to preach the Bible. Ever since then it’s been hard to find a solid church. Detective Ann Rule (deceased) who wrote a book about “The Stranger Beside Me.” She said in her book that this affected her so much, that she not only took time off from her job, but almost went into a deep depression, so profound was this revelation. There are now more than 7,000 in attendance across several locations. Alongside his wife Chelsea, Judah Smith leads Churchome – a multisite church in Seattle, Washington committed to biblical integrity, connecting people to God and cultural relevance. 4. Obviously, you no nothing of scripture. out there feigning themselves as holy. He’ll also share how to deal with discouragement as a pastor at Preach Better Sermons. Check it out at ReformedGear.com. What I mean by that is we are to judge not based on our personal bias, but on the accurate and holy Word of God. Judah and Chelsea Smith share openly about their marriage and the season’s they have experienced together, including the life-changing grief when they lost Judah’s dad to cancer. I think the rub comes in because so many occult practices use a circle. I hear her nearly everyday on her radio. His online presence is full of ads so he’s making money on advertising and he’s also making money by touting his swag and other branded materials that people can buy. They often have plenty of dusty learning resources as well that could use some good cleaning. Why do I say that? I don’t think she is talking about her personal preferences. There needs to be discernment in the Discernment community as well. I was aware of most of the false teachers you spoke about. 3 Points To Remember When Preparing A Weekly Sermon. Preacher Judah Smith used his opportunity on live TV to preach a message of hope to the masses. Judging has to do with hypocrisy. He also took calls, directed the caller to the places that could help them talked them out of committing suicide–this guy took his job very seriously and did it well., sometimes staying late or coming in early before his shift. All preachers will – at different times make a remark they wished they had not made. 6. And yet, totally missed the obvious ones, such as Joel Olsteen, Benny Hin, Creflo Dollar, etc.. In this episode, Pastor Brian Houston interviews Judah Smith, followed by a message from Paul De Jong. As we learn to worship God in the middle of difficult circumstances, we can experience profound joy and freedom despite what we are facing. interview with Glenn Plumber at the NRB Convention in 2004, claims to have received a direct vision from God, he claims God gave her a vision of a bus stop, politically charged with leftist identity politics, declaring that spending time in the Bible is not the same thing as spending time with God, Southern Baptist Pastor Says Gathering for Church Detracts From Personal Worship, Review: A Small Book for the Anxious Heart by Ed Welch: –, Hillsong NYC Pastor Admits to Cheating on His Wife as He Is Fired From Pastorate, Hillsong Pastor, Carl “I May Be Open to Affirming Gays” Lentz, Fired for “Moral Failures”. What are your qualifications? Your vulgar phrasing make it obvious that you have no discernment. And Hillsong Young & Free pop in for a visit. I have an analogy for all of you who condemn the author(s) who are telling the truth. Satan is a subtle deceiver! Who are those key intentional relationships that God has put in my life? too many hired false prophets on television.any channels.wolves in sheeps clothing.den of thieves.& more worse.don’t join them they will bite your money till you die broke.the hirer don’t care it makes them wealthy too. there’s a lot of dirty dogs Just like the wolf Rick Warren who helped destroy the church with the Seeker Sensitive movement which he learned from Peter Drucker who also mentored Hybels and others, all these types going to the Crystal Cathedral for Pastor’s training, all influenced by Norman Vincent Peale and all that manipulative humanistic pop psychology rubbish which is antithetical to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of God. One thing for sure I am glad I left the Catholic Church. 2. I have been a Christian a long time and have enjoyed reading and listening to the popular preachers, authors and speakers. I firmly believe in testing the spirits and approving what is right.

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