why not to defund the police

This week, we're looking at what that would actually mean. Defunding the police does not mean an immediate end to policing, but instead investing in social policies that prevent people from experiencing violence and harm in the first place. For help with your awkward situation, send a question to SocialQ@nytimes.com, to Philip Galanes on Facebook or @SocialQPhilip on Twitter. Stop hinting! Proponents of defunding police say policing in America has a long history of disproportionate harm to communities of color. I get the panic you felt at the outset of the pandemic with your husband in harm’s way. It read: "Defund the Police." In light of recent events, my next-door neighbors apparently believe the police should be abolished. But he resents my attempts to “throw him out,” and I resent his lack of leadership in keeping our family safe. A reader wonders who the neighbors think will protect them if local law enforcement faces budget cuts. It’s that simple. I’m having a hard time convincing him why he shouldn’t. June 25, 2020 By Nikki Jones, author of The Chosen Ones: Black Men and the Politics of Redemption. The grief is fossilized in my heart. Rather, it would mean reducing police budgets and reallocating those funds to crucial and oft-neglected areas like education, public health, housing, and youth services. As for your husband, tell him there is a bright red line between cranky and sociopathic. I had a miscarriage during my second trimester of pregnancy in 2016. If you are concerned about this issue or disagree with your neighbors, approach them nicely to talk about it. They placed a sign on their front porch that reads: “Defund the Police.” But we live in a neighborhood that has been vandalized in the past, and my neighbors are often away from home. This drives my husband crazy! They hurt me.” (And if you can’t bear to say it, text her.). at his hospital and the number of coronavirus cases there. To them, our police forces are existentially steeped in racism and excessive violence. My layman’s intuition is that you should begin with an apology for skipping several steps in your understandably fearful opening gambit. This response ignores the fact for many people, the police are what they fear. They placed a sign on their front porch that reads: “Defund the Police.” Help! Now a longtime demand from social-justice campaigners has become a rallying cry: Defund the police. Still others would like to dismantle the current model of policing, as Minneapolis has pledged to do, and reimagine community safety given the frequency with which officers kill unarmed Black men and women. Why not redirect some police funds to affordable housing and mental health services, they ask?

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