william cecil, 1st baron burghley

It was the conscious and unconscious aim of the age to reconstruct a new landed aristocracy on the ruins of the old, Catholic order. Guy Pearce portrays Cecil in the 2018 historical drama Mary Queen of Scots, directed by Josie Rourke, which also stars Saoirse Ronan as Mary, Queen of Scots and Margot Robbie as Elizabeth I. He first rose to prominence during the protectorate of Edward Seymour, duke of Somerset, and he served as secretary of state (1550–53) during the ascendancy of John Dudley, duke of Northumberland. [4] He was also the cousin of Blanche Parry, Elizabeth's longest serving gentlewoman and close confidante. In this period, Cecil continued to build his relationship with Elizabeth, and, when she heard the news of her sister’s death on 17th November 1558, he was with her at Hatfield. [4], Cecil ingratiated himself with John Dudley, then Earl of Warwick, and after less than three months he was out of the Tower. Cecil House, The Strand Increased penalties for Catholics were introduced, and No eager innovator, he fought corruption and made the existing system work. This text was copied from Wikipedia on 28 October 2020 at 6:02AM. in a clash with Elizabeth that banished him for several months. The refurbishment and alteration of Burghley was carried out almost on a royal scale and expenditure was enormous. Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "CECIL DAVID, (c. 1460-?1540), of Stamford, Lincs", "Cecil, William (Lord Burghley) (CCL535W)", "1958: United players killed in air disaster", Letters of Lord Burghley to Sir Robert Cecil, 1593–8, Volume 53 of Camden Fifth Series, Calendar of Manuscripts of the Marquis of Salisbury: The Cecil Manuscripts (1306–1595), "Archival material relating to William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley", Elizabeth Cecil (born 1 July 1564), who married William Wentworth of Nettlestead (c. 1555-1582), eldest son of, Dawson, Jane E. A. He frankly disbelieved in toleration; "that state", he said, "could never be in safety where there was a toleration of two religions. Burghley finally found evidence to implicate Mary, Queen of Scots in a plot to In his view, Mary had to be executed because her life was a rallying cause for the Catholics and played into the hands of the Spanish and of the pope, who excommunicated Elizabeth in 1570 and sent in Jesuits to organise a Catholic underground. This resulted Elizabeth was reluctant to involve England in foreign wars, Get XML access to reach the best products. Neither Cecil nor Lord Winchester were men to suffer for the sake of obstinate convictions. He was elected Member of Parliament for Stamford five times, between 1504 and 1523. Research involves travel and many expenses. William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley, in movies. Burghley has always been a controversial figure. [16], Cecil's share in the Religious Settlement of 1559 was considerable, and it coincided fairly with his own Anglican religious views. He also seems to have acted as private secretary to the Protector, and was in some danger at the time of the Protector's fall in October 1549. On [21] Cecil did not believe that economics and politics were separate or that there was a dichotomy between power and plenty. In the end, White fell into a Dublin controversy over the confessions of an intriguing priest, which threatened the authority of the Queen's deputised government in Ireland; out of caution Cecil withdrew his longstanding protection and the judge was imprisoned in London and died soon after. Dawson, "William Cecil and the British Dimension of Early Elizabethan Foreign Policy,", Mitchell Leimon and Geoffrey Parker, "Treason and plot in Elizabethan diplomacy: The 'fame of Sir Edward Stafford' reconsidered,". A book-lover and antiquarian, he made a special hobby of heraldry and genealogy. The most prolonged of Cecil's surviving personal correspondences is with an Irish judge, Nicholas White, lasting from 1566 until 1590; it is contained in the State Papers Ireland 63 and Lansdowne MS. 102, but receives hardly a mention in the literature on Cecil.[23]. implementing a religious settlement. He was also portrayed by Ronald Hines in the 1971 TV series Elizabeth R.[24]. threats arose – rebellion in Ireland, faction at home as Burghley’s former [14], Though a Protestant, Cecil was not a religious purist; he aided the Protestant Huguenots and Dutch just enough to keep them going in the struggles which warded danger from England's shores. He reinstated the Stamford racecourse built by the 5th Earl of Exeter, his horses enjoying considerable success, winning a multitude of trophies that are still in the collection at Burghley.

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